Montana Vigilant Guard 2009 Brief


JRSOI Concept / Vigilant Guard / MDMP

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  • March 25, 2009


• Vigilant Guard (VG) dates are 15-16-17 Sep 09
• Units and Soldiers/Airmen will arrive via convoy.
• Units and Soldiers/Airmen will be required to in-process as part of JRSOI operations.
• JRSOI operations will be conducted at Fort Harrison, Helena, MT.
• Units entering the state are not logistically self-sufficient and must be supported by the JFHQ-MT.
• Approximately 675 Soldiers/Airmen participating in VG, approximately 20+ Units and 430 PAX from outside Helena, MT.

• Risks / Threats.
• Non-Availability of preselected TF-JRSOI staff or units
• Non-Availability of preselected or proposed JRSOI Sites
• Non-Availability of Facilities: Lodging, Mess, Parking at Fort Harrison
• Competition for resources or conflict with ongoing schools and training at Fort Harrison

Commander’s Intent: To exercise the JFHQ-MT ability to conduct JRSOI operations by in-processing units, Soldiers, and Airmen traveling to Fort Harrison, Helena, MT to participate in Vigilant Guard. All individual and unit participants will conduct JRSOI at Fort Harrison for rapid integration into a Joint Task Force in order to conduct emergency response operations as part of the exercise.
End State: Success for the JRSOI task force will be the rapid generation of forces, the ability to provide continuous support to incoming and outgoing units, and the preparation of forces for seamless integration into a Joint Task Force (JTF) in support of civil authorities.

• NORTHCOM Mission Statement: NA
• NGB Mission Statement: NA
• Governor’s Mission Statement: NA
– MISSION: On order, the JFHQ-MT conducts JRSOI operations at designated sites in order to rapidly generate additional military capabilities for immediate integration in to state emergency response operations.


Phase I: Predeployment.
1. Prior to movement to FTH
• Number of Soldiers participating
• Transportation
• Orders
• Convoy Request
• AMRs

Phase II: Deployment.
2. Enroute to FTH
• Meals
• Equipment
• Fuel
• Transportation

Phase III: Reception.
3. Arrival at FTH
• Guides, Directions, Maps
• Marshalling Area (Parking)
• Establish TF-JRSOI Operations Center (In-process)
• Accountability of Personnel & Equipment
• Staging of Personnel & Equipment (Lodging)
• Meals
• AASF assistance for Out Of State Aircraft
• Sensitive item Storage
• Assistance for on/off load of equipment
• Tracking of personnel and equipment recovery
• Engineer Support (Vertical & Horizontal)

Phase IV: Staging:
4. Director Point of Contacts (POC)
• Tracking of Personnel and Equipment
• Communications Plan (Primary / Secondary)
• Real Estate Management Plan
• Staging Concept
• RUF guidance on FTH (Rules on the FT)
• J1, J3, J4
• Emergencies
• Security
• Legal, Chaplin
• Removal of Hazardous materials handling and spills
• Medical Capabilities (Injured, Sick Call, etc.)

Phase V: Onward Movement.
5. Deploy to Venue
• Transportation Assets needed
• Recovery plan
• Communication Package
• POC for Venue
• Convoy Request
• AMRs Phase VI: Integration.

6. Integration
• Transfer of Authority
• Reporting Status Plan
• Synchronization of Troops, equipment, and vehicles


Phase VII: Redeployment.
7. Depart FTH
• Turn in equipment (Communication, equipment, Lodging)
• Recovery plan
• Out Process
Phase VIII: Post Deployment / Home Station Activities.
8. End of Mission (EOM)
• Closure Reports
• AARs

• Approx: 675 Soldiers involved
• Approx: 430 of those are out of town or out of state Soldiers

• Approx: 430 personnel need lodging
• Space for 338 pax reserved
• Local economy: will need lodging for approx. 100 pax

• Two dining facilities to accommodate 3 meals per day, (2 hot and 1 cold) for 675 plus pax
• Mobile kitchens: Setup in parking lots of Training Site, RTI and Barracks

• Battle Staff Area – JFHQs operations and planning, 21 thin client computers
• RTI has 2 computer classrooms (38 computers) for JRSOI operations – processing
• AASF EOC – JOC space, SIPR, office space, 9 thin clients

• Need transportation for incoming units
• Transporting of units and equipment to incident sites
• Aviation assets are available
• MTNG has generators available to provide power

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