Montana Vigilant Guard Cabinet Brief


National Guard Bureau

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  • June 16, 2009


Vigilant Guard is a Homeland Security/Homeland Defense FEMA Regional exercise program series hosted by the National Guard Bureau. The program provides an opportunity for the State to improve emergency coordination, response and recovery management with federal, regional, local civilian and military partners.

  • Mw 6.5 Earthquake in Western Montana
  • Multi-State, Multi-County Exercise involving Emergency Management, National Guard, Government and Private Sectors
  • 3 Days of Full Scale Exercise Play

Exercise Vision

•Disaster and Emergency Services (DES)
–Fred Naeher –841-3968
•Department of Military Affairs
–MAJ Kent Hanson –324-3202
•Security and Continuity Services (SCS)
–Tyler Fortier –444-0006
•General Services Division (GSD)
–Lou Antonick –444-1462


National Guard Participationvga

Capabilities to be Validated
•EOC Management, Continuity, Mutual Aid
•On-Site Incident Management
•Emergency Triage and Pre-Hospital Treatment
•Critical Resource Logistics & Distribution*
–Multi Agency Coordination Group (MAC-G)
•Emergency Public Information & Warning
•Search and Rescue (Land-Based)

Participating Agencies
•Utah Task Force 1 (USAR)
–National Weather Service
–US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
–US Northern Command (NORTHCOM)
–National Guard Bureau
–VA Hospital
–Civil Air Patrol
–United State Army Reserve

State of Montana

Dept of Administration
•General Support Division
•Information Technology Services
•Risk Management Tort Defense
•Public Employees Retirement Assistance
•Architecture and Engineering Division
•Teachers Retirement System
–Dept of Commerce
–Dept of Corrections
–Dept of Environmental Quality (MT DEQ)
–Dept. of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC)
–Dept of Military Affairs
•Department Emergency Services
•Regional HAZMAT
–Dept of Public Health & Human Services (MT DPHHS)
–Dept of Revenue
–Dept of Transportation (MT DOT)
–Dept Labor and Industry
–Office of Public Instruction
–Governor’s Office
–Highway Patrol
–Legislative Branch
–Secretary of State

Local Area Participation

–Broadwater County
–Jefferson County
–City of East Helena
–City of Helena
–East Helena Fire Department
–East Helena Police
–Helena Ambulance
–Helena Coroner’s Office
–Helena Fire Department
–Helena Health Department
–Helena Police Department
–Helena Public Schools
–East Helena Public Schools
–Helena Public Works
–Helena Regional Airport
–Rural Fire Departments

–Lewis & Clark County Attorney
–Lewis & Clark County Rural FDs
–Lewis & Clark County Sherriff’s Office
•Private Industry
–Bear Tooth TV Station
–Carroll College
–Montana Rail Link
–Northwest Energy
–St. Peter’s Hospital
–Qwest Communications
–Yellowstone Pipeline
–Bresnan Communications
–Amateur Radio
–American Red Cross (ARC)
–Animal Rescue
–Tri-County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Exercise Play Venues
•MT State Emergency Coordination Center
•MT Joint Information Center
•Lewis & Clark County PIO –at County Building
•Lewis & Clark County Emergency Operations Center
•Helena Airport
•Rubble Pile and Burning House (Airport)
•Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds (Staging Area)
•Capitol Complex
•St. Peters Hospital
•St. James Hospital, Butte
•Carroll College
•Train Derailment (Montana City, East Helena)
•VA Hospital
•Fort Harrison

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