MySpace Law Enforcement Information Handout

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  • 8 pages
  • September 2, 2005


Mailing Address:
Custodian of Records
1333 2nd Street, First Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Email Address:

Telephone Numbers:
Phone: 310.917.4949 x8
Fax: 310.394.4180

Available Information

Most profile information is publicly viewable and available. Publicly available information includes journal entries (in most cases), images, user comments, and public profile information.

In order to make an electronic copy of the profile, save the webpage(s) and files on your own computer. Do this before it gets modified or deleted. While viewing the profile in question, click your browser’s File (in the upper left-hand corner) then click ‘Save As’. Make sure to do the same for all journal entries and the image gallery.

To request the following information from, we require a subpoena:
-IP logs (recorded at time of login)
-Dates and times of login (PST)
-Email address
-Zip code
-Private Messages

Please note that all information above is not necessarily accurate. Users do not need to
confirm their email address, nor provide verified information. Users may also fake IP
addresses if they use a proxy.

Please note that we do not have street address or credit card information. is
a free site and does not require credit card use at any time.

MySpace may disclose private information to law enforcement without a subpoena in
limited, emergency situations in which the safety of a MySpace user or member of the
public is at risk and there is insufficient time for the law enforcement agency to obtain a
subpoena. In these circumstances, MySpace will require the delivery of a signed statement
on law enforcement letterhead certifying the existence of an emergency and supplying all
the information that would be required in a subpoena.

Length of time retains records

Active Accounts
Data/Images on an active account does not retain information that is altered/removed on an active profile.
Once a change is made, existing information is overwritten.
IP Logs
IP Logs are available for up to ninety days after a user’s last login.
Private Messages in an active account
User’s Inbox – Retained until user removes them. We cannot recover that message unless
it is in another user’s Sent Mail.
Sent Mail – Retained for 14 days.
Trash Mail – Retained 30 days or less. Users can empty their trash at any time.

Deleted Accounts
No mail is available for deleted accounts.
User ID, IP Address, Login date stamps are retained for up to 90 days after account
Profile information is available for up to ten days after account deletion.
Preserving an account
A letter of preservation can be faxed to Please note the following regarding
preserved accounts:
-They are still publicly viewable
-The user will not be able to log into the account
-We can only preserve a currently active (non-deleted) account
-Information in the Sent Mail/Trash can is still subject to automatic deletion.
If restricting the user’s access to the profile will impede an investigation, you can request
that private messages be output to flat file for preservation before a subpoena is served.

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