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2007 MySpace.com Law Enforcement Guide

MySpace.com (“MySpace”) is committed to assisting law enforcement, to the extent permitted by law, in investigations related to unlawful activity. This Law Enforcement Guide is designed to serve that purpose by providing information to facilitate law enforcement requests for user data held by MySpace. The Guide specifies what information is collected by MySpace, how long that information is retained, how to tailor requests to ensure MySpace produces the specific information sought, and the legal process necessary to permit MySpace to disclose different types of information. Finally, the Guide provides contact information for MySpace personnel dedicated specifically to responding to law enforcement requests, including emergency requests.

MySpace: Working with Law Enforcement

• Data retained by MySpace
– IP activity related to all logins and image uploads are retained for at least a year.
– Basic subscriber information is retained for at least a year.
– Private messages, blogs, and comments are available if they still exist live on the site.
– Deleted front end profile information is NOT retained by MySpace, nor do we retain previous versions of the profile.

How a Boy Becomes a Martyr: The Dangers of Web 2.0 Technology

The following report is a fictitious account of how a young person in America could become a suicide bomber for an Islamic extremist group. It is the fifth in a series of reports on Web 2.0 technology and future urban warfare. All references to people, groups, and products are intended for illustrative purposes only. As such, the authors do not suggest that any of the products or organizations listed condone or support extremist activities.