MySpace: Working with Law Enforcement

FOX Interactive Media

  • Jennifer Mardosz, VP of Safety & Security
  • Sarah Kaleel, Director of Policy Enforcement & Security Abuse
  • August 7, 2008


The MySpace Generation

• 1 in 4 Americans are on MySpace
• 85% of members are 18+
• 110 million monthly users in US
• 300,000 new registrants daily*
• 15 million total images uploaded daily
• 70,000+ videos uploaded daily
• 50 million messages sent a day
• Localized versions in 30 regions across 15 languages

Fox Interactive Media in partnership with Sentinel Tech Holding Corp. has created the first national real-time searchable sex offender database called Sentinel S.A.F.E.

Using several points of data, MySpace user information is compared to RSO data to create a pool of potential matches.
That pool is then reviewed by human agents to designate matches, then remove and report the profiles in question.

MySpace Operations and Enforcement

Policy Enforcement: 24/7 law enforcement team, compliance department, government and school relationship management.
Customer Care: High priority response team for underage users, identity theft, cyber-bullying, and other sensitive topics.

Content Review: Reviews on-site content, such as classifieds and groups, as well as all uploaded media content, such as images and videos.
Security Abuse and Enforcement: Response team for spamming and phishing issues. Investigatory team that works to pursue hackers and spammers.

General and International Support: Responds to general topics (“How do I..?). Assists all international territories.

• Ongoing support for local, state and federal law enforcement
• 24/7 dedicated hotline
• Training cybercrime units on how to investigate and prosecute cyber criminals using MySpace
• Law Enforcement Guide and ‘Quick Reference Sheet’

MySpace Resources for Law Enforcement

• Data retained by MySpace
– IP activity related to all logins and image uploads are retained for at least a year.
– Basic subscriber information is retained for at least a year.
– Private messages, blogs, and comments are available if they still exist live on the site.
– Deleted front end profile information is NOT retained by MySpace, nor do we retain previous versions of the profile.
• Contacting MySpace
– MySpace may be contacted via its 24/7 Law Enforcement hotline.
– MySpace may also be contacted via its Law Enforcement and Compliance email addresses.
• MySpace Law Enforcement Investigators Guide
– Provides contact information, overview, policy details, and sample forms helpful in obtaining and understanding information from MySpace.
– The guide and the information contained therein is available for law enforcement use only.
– You can obtain the guide by emailing Please provide us with contact information so we may verify identity and ensure you receive updates.
• Official MySpace Profile for a Law Enforcement Agency
– Please contact us if your department creates an official MySpace profile, so we may verify it on our back end.

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