New York Enhanced Security Guard Training Program Instruction Plan

New York State Office of Homeland Security

  • 55 pages
  • Public Safety Sensitive
  • August 25, 2006


The Enhanced Security Guard Training Program is intended to support and complement the existing security guard training and counter terrorism efforts in New York State by providing training andveducation designed to…:

(i) improve observation, detection and reporting skills
(ii) improve coordination with local police, fire and emergency services
(iii) provide and improve skills in working with advanced security technology including surveillance and access control procedures … consisting of instruction
(iv) requiring at least forty hours of training including 3 hours of training devoted to terrorism awareness; and
(v) has been certified as a qualified program by the state office of homeland security

Eighty-five percent of the critical infrastructure in the United States belongs to private enterprise and corporations. Thus, security guards are literally one of the nation’s first groups of defenders and play an integral role in prevention and deterrence efforts. Success in prevention and deterrence of both general crime, and terrorist acts as well, begins with the establishment of a baseline and maintenance of a robust all-hazards and all-crimes management infrastructure. The professional security guard industry in New York State with an excess of 140,000 certified security guards inhabit that baseline. This program will provide security guards with the basic awareness of terrorism issues that can potentially affect responsibilities within the purview of their employment. It will improve observation, detection and reporting capabilities while enhancing coordination capability with other emergency response professionals. Additionally, this program will elaborate on previously provided instruction, thereby elevating participants’ familiarity with access control issues and security technology.

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