National Intelligence Council Map: Russian Filtration Operations

Russian Filtration Operations

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Date: September 6, 2022
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(U) Russia almost certainly is subjecting Ukrainian civilians in occupied areas to so-called filtration operations. Individuals face one of three fates after undergoing filtration, which include being issued documentation and remaining in Russian-occupied Ukraine, forcefully deported to Russia, or detained in prisons in eastern Ukraine or Russia.

  • Individuals are detained and taken to filtration waypoints, or stopped at filtration checkpoints.
  • Individuals are temporarily detained and evaluated for their perceived threat.
  • Those deemed most threatening probably are detained and imprisoned in eastern Ukraine or Russia. Little is known about their fates.
  • Those deemed less threatening but still hostile probably are forcibly deported to Russia.
  • Those deemed non-threatening probably are either issued documentation and permitted to remain in Ukraine or forcibly deported to Russia.

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