Oakland Police Department Officer Shooting Brief March 21, 2009

Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department

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  • March 22, 2009


•1308 hours
–Motor officers initiated a “routine” traffic stop of a 1995 Buick in the 7400 block of MacArthur Boulevard in East Oakland -Adjacent to EastmontTown Center.
•1315 hours
–Reports of “Officers Down” -Sgt. Dunakin–KIA –shout in neck/Officer Hege–wounded shot in head. (NOTE: Dunakinfamily lives in AlisoViejo and was assisted to airport by OCSD personnel)
•1530 hours
–OPD, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, BART Police and CHP conducted search.
–Officers received anonymous tip -gunman inside a nearby apartment building -74th Avenue near Hillside Street.
–After repeated attempts to communicate with Mixon-OPD SWAT team entered apartment to clear and search -gunman opened fire.
–Two members of the SWAT team killed -a third officer grazed by a bullet -SWAT Sergeants Sakai/Romans –KIA –assault rifle; SWAT Officer -grazed

•Suspect’s location -Two bedroom apartment (74thAvenue/Hillside Street)
–16 year old ReyneteMixon(sister) inside apartment
–Did not see/hear brother come into apartment
–Heard loud noises and saw police officers enter location
–Police used “flash bangs” –shredded pajama bottoms and caused legs to bleed.
–ReyneteMixonran out of apartment.
–Mixonhiding in closet, shot through door with (unknown) “assault rifle”.
–Shot SWAT officers in rear and during entry –SWAT did extraction of downed officers.
–Mixonsubsequently shot and killed by SWAT

Miscellaneous Facts…
•Traffic Stop (LovelleMixon)
–Stopped and provided possible fraudulent license to motor officer.
–Waited in car momentarily, got out and walked back to officers.
–Shot both in head with 9mm handgun –fled area.
–Utilized assault rifle (possible AK-47) during barricade –shot through walls.
–Shot and killed two SWAT personnel and a fifth officer shot –through and through wounds.

Historical Insight…
•Tension between police and community elevated due to fatal shooting of unarmed 22 year old Oscar Grant (BART OIS, January 1, 2009).
•Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Officer Johannes Mehserle –pleaded not guilty to murder.
•Preliminary Hearing scheduled –Monday March 23, 2009
•Violent protests have erupted on streets of Oakland in weeks following Grant’s death further inflaming tensions

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