Region XIII+ (MT) MPC Planning Conference


National Guard Bureau

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  • May 19, 2009

Vigilant Guard is a Homeland Security/Homeland Defense FEMA Regional exercise program sponsored by NORADNORTHCOM and the National Guard Bureau J7 Office. The program provides an opportunity for State National Guard Joint Force Headquarters to improve command and control and operational relationships with internal, regional civilian and military partners.

• Participation at City, County, State, NG, Private Sector Levels
• 9 Field Training Exercise Sites including Civilian, Military, and
Private Sector Participants
• Confirming FTX Venue dates, times, and activities to ensure they
meet training objectives of all participants
• Determining Exercise Sites and Control Nodes
• Coordinating with Civilian FSE Planners and Participants

• Mw 7.2 Earthquake in WesternMontana
• Multi-State, Multi-County Exercise involving Emergency Management, National Guard, Government and Private Sectors
• 3 Full Days of Exercise Play
• Command Post Exercise (CPX) with extensive Field Training (FTX) components


• Demonstrate the information flow and interagency coordination between Non-Governmental Organizations, local, state, and
federal  offices
• Demonstrate Continuity of Operations at the local, state and federal level
• Demonstrate integration and interoperability of private, local, state and federal resources
• Utilize National Incident Management System (NIMS)
• Demonstrate ability to respond to a natural or manmade disaster in order to protect the citizens of Montana
• Maintain situational awareness through effective voice and electronic communication systems

Montana National Guard Objectives

• Exercise JFHQ-MT Multi-hazard response plan
• Exercise JFHQ-MT COOP
• Exercise JFHQ-MT Earthquake Operations Plan (OPLAN)
• Deploy NG forces in support of civil authorities (JTF, CBRNE) Enhanced Response Force Package (CERFP), NG Quick Reaction Force (QRF), CST, LNOs
• Establish and operate Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (JRSOI) center
• Establish, test and use communication links with participating agencies
• Conduct regional coordination with participating organizations
• Staff and execute a Joint Visitor’s Bureau and Information Center (JVB/JIC)


• Key Dates:
• June 9 – Civilian MSEL Conference
• July 31 – Civilian Final Planning Conference
• August 1 – National Guard Final Planning Conference
• August 2 – Regional Tabletop Exercise
• August 3 – Leadership Tabletop Exercise
• September 15-17 – CPX / FTX

• The Vigilant Guard Team Exercise Control Cell (ECC) will operate from HAFRC. The ECC will send injects directly to its assigned exercise group. The ECC will coordinate operations to ensure all participants are meeting their exercise objectives and to deconflict issues as required.
• The Simulation Cell (SIMCELL) will also operate out of HARFC in closecoordination with the Exercise Control Cell. Representatives in the SIMCELL will replicate units notionally playing in the exercise (e.g. a notionally deployed unit) or agencies notionally playing or have limited staff participation (e.g. one or two representatives are replicating the agency as a whole).
• Data Collectors/Controllers (DCCs) will be stationed at the different exercise venues to collect information for the After Action Review/Report (AAR) and monitor and facilitate exercise play.
• Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be called upon to observe, and when necessary, mentor blue players. Information from their observations will also be used in the AARs.


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