Restricted African Union Ceasefire Violation Report: Surrender of SLA Members in Nyala



  • 15 pages
  • AU Restricted
  • AU Confidential
  • January 2005



1. GoS invited HQ Sector 2 to witness an alleged SLA members’ surrender to the GoS on the 21 Dec 04.

2. The Sector Commander, 3 Mil Obs, and representatives from GoS, JEM and SLA, as well as an interpreter, went to witness the occasion as requested.


3. The team established that a group of men, mostly militiamen from various villages East of Nyala, were captured and/or surrendered to the GoS between the 17 and 20 Dec 04. The team also deduced that a few of the men could be members of SLA or JEM.

4. The members surrendered with their weapons, though there seems 10 be a discrepancy in what the GoS and the capitulators claim were the quantities and the types of weapons handed in.


5. CFC commends the action of the GaS to have occasions like the surrendering of weapons witnessed by AU and other international


6. It is recommended thaI: a. GoS should allow CFC to witness the destruction of the weapons and ammunitions, to ensure they are not recycled into the field again.

b. AU and Joint Commission should mandate the AMIS Military Component to implement a mechanism with incentives, to encourage citizens to surrender weapons to it for destruction.


2. The Team arrived at the PDF camp at aboul 1000 hours and was presented with a group of alleged SLA members who had surrendered t0 the GOS on 20 Dec 04. A tange of weapons and assorted ammunitions claimed 10 belong 10 the surrendered SLA members were also presented to the Milobs team. The alleged surrendered weapons and ammunitions included:

a. 1 X 82 mm Mortar

b. 1 x 60 mm Mortar

c. 3 x RPG Launchers

d. 1xlMG

e. 27 X AK 47 Assault Rifles

f. 14 x G3Assault Rifles

g. 5 x Old Assofled Rifles

h. 7 X 60 mm Mortar Rounds with Fuses

i. Assorted 7.62 mm Ammunition

j. 31 x AK 47 Assault Rifle Magazines

k. 12 x G3 Assault Rifle Magazines



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