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Restricted African Union Ceasefire Violation Report: Janjaweed in Taisha and Niteaga

1. SLA\JEM lodged a complaint on the 03 Nov 04 alleging that Janjaweed militia had gathered in the area of Taisha and Nitega with the intention of launching attacks on the rebel held areas of Labado and Muhageria They also alleged that the Janjaweed militia had attacked the villages of Oum and Ehcta. burning them down and killing a number of civilians.

2. Team C was tasked to investigate the allegations.

Restricted African Union Ceasefire Violation Report: Armed Militia Attack on a Commercial Truck

On 2 Aug 05, some Armed militias/Janjaweed attacked and robbed commercial truck along Donkey Dreissa – Graida Road killing 7 people and injuring 6 others in the process. The CFC considered the act as a ceasefire violation committed by the Armed militia/Janjaweed. The Team established that the vehicle was attacked by Armed militia/Janjaweed, 7 people were killed including 2 policemen who were escorting the truck. Also 6 others persons were injured in the attack. The team further confirmed that the attackers also robbed the passengers of their possessions.