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  • May 27, 2004



The T-Mobile USA, Inc. Law Enforcement Relations Group (LERG) is committed to efficiently assisting the law enforcement community with all lawfully authorized activities. Our Law Enforcement Relations unit is staffed by personnel who are well acquainted with the technical and evidentiary needs of federal, state, and local prosecutors and investigative officers. The unit maintains their proactive philosophy by offering educational presentations, reference materials and expedient, secure procedures that support the mission of the public safety community in an unparalleled fashion. Responsibilities of the LER Group include the following:

• Processing lawful requests for subscriber identification information and historical billing data
• Providing technical assistance in the conduct of Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance
• Providing expert testimony
• Ensuring company technical and procedural compliance to federal Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act requirements.
• Providing education to law enforcement regarding T-Mobile’s GSM technology

Contact Information
MAIN PHONE: (973) 292-8911 FAX: (973) 292-8697
Law Enforcement Relations Director
Michael McAdoo
(973) 292-8903 – Office
LER Group
4 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054
9-1-1 Emergencies:

During an emergency, Law Enforcement Relations Group (LERG) will attempt to verify the caller’s identity as a legitimate representative of the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP or 911 Emergency Dispatcher). LERG will ask that the PSAP fax a demand letter requesting subscriber information as soon as possible. LERG prefers to receive demand letters prior to the release of information to the PSAP, but in ongoing emergency situations, the letter may be faxed after the emergency has been resolved.

Demand letters should be forwarded to (973) 292-8697.

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