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Canadian Forces Guidance for the Conduct of Domestic Operations

The Canadian Forces (CF) is organized, equipped and trained to defend Canada and, in cooperation with Canada’s allies, protect and advance Canada’s interests in the world community. While the CF focuses on its purely military tasks, the inherent flexibility of military units, many with unique capabilities, makes the CF a potential source of assistance which may be called upon to support Canadian civil authorities and the Canadian public in Canada. CF domestic operations are any CF activities which provide assistance in response to requests for support from Canadian civil authorities, or from the Canadian public.

Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Manual

Electronic warfare (EW) has been practiced in every conflict since World War I. Fundamentally, the practice of EW has not changed. However, the context in which EW must operate has. The Canadian Land Force has developed new doctrine and has placed a greater emphasis on joint and coalition operations. As well, closer relationships with national and strategic agencies have had significant impacts on the conduct of EW. The purpose of this chapter is to place EW in context of these new developments.

Canadian Forces Crowd Confrontation Operations Manual

This manual is based on the precept that crowd confrontation situations could occur on any CF operation. The doctrine has been
designed to facilitate the use of CCO as a unique operation, which may be a subset of any other CF operation. Where peace support operations (PSO), domestic operations, or armed conflict examples are used, the concepts presented are intended to cover all operations. The manual stresses that the CCO hierarchy can be applied during any operation to assist in the decisions of what equipment to acquire or deploy and what training is to be based on.

Canadian Forces Land Operations Manual

The doctrine within publication recognizes that in order to reach enduring operational and strategic end states, the root causes of a conflict must be addressed in light of the given environment and its influencing elements and systems. To this end, land forces do not simply undertake physical activities and effects against adversarial forces. Land forces apply their capabilities to complete a combination of physical activities and influence activities that create effects on the physical and psychological lanes. In doing so, a wide range of targets is engaged. This range will certainly include adversaries, but also other groups, systems, and
individuals within the battlespace and environment that play a role in reaching the operational and campaign objectives and end states.

Canadian Land Force Counter-Insurgency Operations Manual

A COIN campaign is conducted through a specific philosophy and a set of specific principles that guide the application of combat power. It is distinctly different from the conduct of an insurgency itself, and the lines of operation within the COIN campaign must counter the lines of operation of the insurgents. Within the guiding principles, each COIN campaign must be a custom approach to the insurgency at hand. The constant is the fact that insurgency and counter-insurgency are essentially about the battle to win and hold popular support both at home and in the theatre of operations.