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U.S. Navy NATOPS Instrument Flight Manual

This manual presents an overview of information required for flying U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and conditions in various operating environments. It has been prepared for use as a reference for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aircrew preparing for their annual instrument flight evaluations, especially those unable to attend instrument ground training. It also provides guidance and standardization for instrument flight evaluators and aircrews on criteria for evaluating the instrument flying abilities and proficiency of aircrew members and conducting NATOPS Instrument Flight Evaluations.

Sikorsky UH-3H Executive Transport NATOPS Flight Manual

The model UH-3H helicopter is manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft, Division of United Technologies, Stratford, Connecticut 06615. The helicopter is a Class 1B aircraft, designed for both shore and shipbased operations to provide logistic support and a search and rescue capability as required. The crew consists of a pilot, copilot, and two utility aircrewmen. The UH-3H Executive Transport basic airframe is manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, Stratford, CT., 06615. It is a Class 1B aircraft, designed for shore and ship based operations to provide executive transportation and logistic support. The crew consists of a pilot, copilot, and aircrew member.