U.S. Navy NATOPS Instrument Flight Manual

NAVAIR 00-80T-112

  • 466 pages
  • Distribution Statement C
  • November 15, 2006
  • 11.4 MB



This manual presents an overview of information required for flying U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and conditions in various operating environments. It has been prepared for use as a reference for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aircrew preparing for their annual instrument flight evaluations, especially those unable to attend instrument ground training. It also provides guidance and standardization for instrument flight evaluators and aircrews on criteria for evaluating the instrument flying abilities and proficiency of aircrew members and conducting NATOPS Instrument Flight Evaluations.


This manual is intended as a general reference for those aviators and evaluators reviewing the information and procedures and preparing for instrument flights, and/or for aviators receiving and evaluators performing instrument flight evaluations. It contains information on the spectrum of subjects that provide the necessary background of information for those planning and executing flights under instrument flight rules. This manual includes a review of meteorology and of the physiological factors that may arise during flights under instrument conditions, as well as the procedures for countering their effects. It addresses aircraft instrumentation, and communications and navigation equipment and use. It discusses aircraft attitude instrument flying, aircraft navigational aids, Air Traffic Control (ATC) facilities, and the procedures for using them. It also describes the procedures for planning, filing and executing an IFR flight from takeoff through landing within the air traffic control system. The last part in this manual complements OPNAVINST 3710.7 series instrument flight evaluation policy and requirements by providing
standards for content, conduct and grading criteria or instrument flight evaluations. This manual shall be used in the renewal of instrument ratings by and for designated Naval Aviators only. Initial instrument ratings shall only be granted by authority of Commander, Navy Air Training Command.

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