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Chicago Police NATO Summit Media and Reporter’s Guidelines

Debra Kirby, chief of the Chicago Police Department Office of International Relations, said it is not the intent of Chicago Police to limit or otherwise interfere with coverage of protests and other events related to the NATO summit. The department anticipates that members of the media will be accompanying protesters. Kirby said the department is not endorsing a formal embedding policy (reporters/crews will not be assigned to tag along with specific police units). The department is cognizant that not everyone covering the protests has a NATO or Chicago Police credential. Kirby said credentials from other jurisdictions will be honored, and she recommends that they be worn on a lanyard. At the same time, she is also aware that those who did so in New York encountered problems from protesters; doing so in such circumstances is a judgment call. If there is any question, reporters will be allowed to pull credentials from their pockets to show to police on the street. Information will be released through two joint incident command centers, effective Friday.

Third U.S. Fusion Center Requests Removal of Document from Public Intelligence

The following message was received on April 5, 2010 from a Captain Brad Carnduff of the Illinois Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center. This is the third notice we have received from a U.S. fusion center. The previous two notices, from the Virginia Fusion Center and the Rocky Mountain Information Network, were both received in the month of February. This notice is unique in that it requests the identity of the “person, group or organization who forwarded this Daily Intelligence Note to your attention”. It also asks that we “contact the STIC prior to posting” similar material in the future.