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Boston Fusion Center Bulletin: Terror Attacks on Entertainment Venues

Several recent incidents underline the possibility that soft targets, including entertainment venues such as bars and restaurants, are increasingly chosen over hard targets that may hold more significance to the victims and the attacking person or group. Using analysis of recent events and data from the START Global Terrorism Database, the BRIC completed the following study to raise awareness regarding the targeting of entertainment venues by violent extremist groups.

(U//FOUO) Boston Regional Intelligence Center Suspicious Activity Behavior & Indicators For Public Sector Partners

This document is intended to highlight several suspicious activity behaviors and indicators that may be indicative of preoperational terrorist activity for business owners and private sector security personnel. This product focuses on behaviors and indicators that would be of interest prior to any major event. This proactive public safety strategy is an ongoing attempt to provide our private sector partners with some information on suspicious activity.

Idaho Sheriff Warning: Hydrogen Sulfide Suicide

In our Ada County Case, on 5-13-09 a blue Toyota Scion was observed at the Lookout Point near Lucky Peak Dam on Highway 21. The vehicle had “Hazardous Materials” warnings that appeared to be printed on a home computer taped to the outside of the car. The warnings indicated that the car contained Hydrogen Sulfide gas and that one breath can kill. The lone occupant of the vehicle, a 29-year-old male, was slumped over in the driver’s seat.

DHS Deceased Internal Cocaine Smuggling Photos

On 6/21/2007, Juan Carlos GOMEZ arrived at Miami International Airport from Bogota, Colombia, on Avian flight #008. Passenger GOMEZ presented himself for inspection to CBPO Ortiz at Passport Control at 2311 hrs. CBPO Ortiz admitted GOMEZ as a USC and referred him to Baggage Control Secondary to verify his parole status as Ortiz indicated prior drug arrest. At approximately 2335 hrs GOMEZ presented his CBP form 6059B to the primary baggage control officer and was escorted to baggage secondary for further examination. The floor coordinator was informed of the situation and assigned CBPO Medrano to conduct GOMEZ’s secondary inspection at 2340 hrs. SCBPOs Adan and Sanfilippo were also informed of GOMEZ’s record.

Federal Banking Infrastructure Pandemic Flu Exercise Brief

This exercise is designed to create an opportunity for the participants to experience a series of possible pandemic influenza environments. These scenarios are not necessarily predictive, nor do they represent the official viewpoint of any organization, group, or entity. The exercise is intended to allow the participants and their organizations to explore possible situations and to consider their options for responses and mitigation approaches. The sponsors understand that no scenario can present all aspects of a possible situation, and that there is no way to know definitively the actual circumstances that might be present during a pandemic.