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(U//FOUO) Vermont Fusion Center Improvised Chemical Pressure Bomb Warning

An improvised chemical pressure bomb is a device that’s charge comes from a gaseous chemical reaction or phase change (such as when liquid changes to gas) in a confined area; the resulting buildup causes the container to rupture violently. There are several types of improvised chemical pressure bombs that can be constructed from easy to acquire materials.

Vermont Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (USDHS) National Preparedness Directorate requires that every State and Urban Area conduct a Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan Workshop (TEPW) annually. As a result, Vermont recently conducted its 2009-2011 Multiyear TEPW and has since produced this Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan (TEP). The Vermont Multiyear TEP is the roadmap for Vermont to accomplish the priorities described in their Homeland Security Strategy. The State of Vermont has pursued a coordinated homeland security strategy that combines enhanced planning, new equipment purchases, innovative training, and realistic exercises to strengthen the State’s emergency prevention and response capabilities. Training and exercises play a crucial role in this strategy, providing the State with a means of attaining, practicing, validating, and improving new capabilities.

Vermont Homeland Security State Strategy

Vermont’s State Homeland Security Strategy (SHSS) has been developed to identify the priorities for enhancing local, regional and state capabilities to prevent, protect, respond to and recover from an all hazards incident or preplanned event. It is understood that Vermont cannot prepare for every possible hazard; however, through careful capabilities-based planning we can strategically allocate resources to enhance our preparedness and response.