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  • June 22, 2006


What educators can do to BE ON THE LOOKOUT for terrorist activity in Tennessee

The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies in Tennessee are vitally interested in stopping terrorist activity in this state. But to do an effective job in preventing terrorism in Tennessee we need your help.

The following activities may suggest terrorist surveillance of educational facilities. Alone, each indicator can result from legitimate recreational or commercial activities or criminal activity not related to terrorism; multiple indicators, however, could suggest a heightened terrorist threat:

• Unusual or prolonged interest in security measures or personnel, entry points, and access controls or perimeter barriers such as fences or walls.
• Interest without reason in obtaining site plans for schools, bus routes, attendance lists, and other information about a school, its employees, or students.
• Unusual behavior such as staring at or quickly looking away from personnel or vehicles entering or leaving designated facilities or parking areas.
• Observation of security reaction drills or procedures.
• Increase in anonymous telephone or e-mail threats to facilities in conjunction with suspected surveillance incidents–indicating possible surveillance of threat reaction procedures.
• Foot surveillance involving two or three individuals working together.
• Mobile surveillance using bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles, limousines, boats, or small aircraft.
• Prolonged static surveillance using operatives disguised as panhandlers, shoe shiners, food or flower vendors, news agents, or street sweepers not previously seen in the area.
• Discreet use of still cameras, video recorders, or note taking at non-tourist locations.
• Use of multiple sets of clothing and identification or the use of sketching materials (paper, pencils, etc.).
• Questioning of security or facility personnel.
• Unexplained presence of unauthorized persons in places where they should not be

If something or someone looks suspicious apply the S.C.A.N. Method:

SEE – Suspicious or unusual behaviors but do not attempt to investigate on your own

CONFIRM – The accuracy of your observations. If you believe that making contact would put you at risk or in danger, then document your observations by writing them down as soon as it is safe

ASK – If the opportunity presents itself, and only if it is safe, inquire about where they are coming from or going. Be polite and access their reaction. If they are unreasonably agitated by your questions then politely disengage. Thank them for their time and courtesy. If they have questions refer them to your local law enforcement agency

NOTIFY – The local law enforcement and the district Tennessee Highway Patrol headquarters in your area. Other important numbers are listed below.

TBI Tennessee Regional Information Center (TRIC)
(877) 250-2333

FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)
Knoxville (865) 544-0751
Nashville (615) 292-5159
Memphis (901) 747-4300

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4 comments for “Tennesse Fusion Center: Teachers Be On the Lookout

  1. Trevor Lynch
    June 8, 2012 at 3:16 am

    The only terrorists are in our own government. You people are so ridiculous. FUCK YOU!!!

  2. george
    July 12, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    i wish these bastards would hurry up their program .cause i am tired of waiting .just start your door to door gun seizure and see what fuckin happens goddam traitors this is still america and i say you people dont have the balls to trip the hammer.

  3. Steve Gregg
    June 5, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    I’m really tired of losing my liberties over this BULL SHIT terrorist threat! That said, I’ll give you my gun – starting with the bullets, you fucking idiots!

  4. February 19, 2015 at 4:15 am

    To whom it may concern

    My name is Marty Richard, I’ve attend some of the courses your origination has in the past and met some of your members. More than likely few likely remember me but our last class together we shared a few thoughts. I was one of several Charleston Firefighters that survived the largest lost of life in the fire service since 9/11. Nine firefighters were killed 6/18/2007. It’s my attempt better myself and those arounds me. One resource for me that I sought out was the “Lowcountry COBRA” team – Chemical, ordinance, biological, radiological Assessment/Action team. This is also a “Borrowed” acronym from the Anniston, Alabama course (in VX/Sarin).
    I’m seeking out a COBRA/ CBRNE like structure that allows the knowledge and resources I have gained to continue to help my family, community, and country. I believe it’s a unique select of skills. Please make me make this extremely clear I’m looking to do any and all services discussed on a strictly VOLUNTEER basis. Any financial gain would be redirected to the bettering of the team and its needs.

    I’m writing you today in hopes that you may have some suggestions or opportunities that may fill this significant void to serve that I have right now. In March of 2010 while working a 35 foot ladder at a structure I herniated 6 discs in my back, this along with a torn rotator cuff led to several surgeries, extensive PT, and the all to soon end to my professional full time career (5 months before my promotion test for Captain). Mostly, my removal was “CYA” by human resources.

    I’ve been in the fire service for 13 years, serving both as a full time firefighter (Engineer) and as a paid/volunteer (Battalion/Assistant Chief) for 9 years . I currently still serve as a non-operational(command & safety only) Battalion Chief with my volunteer department. A man of many hats I serve as the departments PIO, Safety Officer, and Director of Training and Public Relations. I miss greatly the opportunities and knowledge once made available to me when I served on the south East Carolina Regional Response COBRA/CBRNE team.

    So, you maybe asking why I’m writing you with this drawn out story? Well, The knowledge and skills were unforgettable vocational methods I believe I may have ever gained.

    I remember telling myself ” I want do that kind of work and maybe one day instruct. Well, long story short while Im not physically capable of firefighting i am however still guilty of the amount of retention of knowledge I obtained prior to my injury in edition to the continuing of my education Ive done since my injury. Ive attached my resume and a synopsis of some of my certifications and course completion to include my recently obtained Associates degree in Fire Science.

    Ideally, I would like to find an organization, company, or agency(local, state, federal, (“para”military). My areas of interest being hazardous materials, WMD, explosives, radiological and biological response, terrorism response among other emergency response service.

    Best of all I’m cheap! because of my injury I was able to receive my police officers retirement early no penalty to working in this role its your organization.

    For some this would be great, but I love to work, to learn and can’t sit still. So I have income restrictions as to how much I can make a year in edition to what my retirement pays. Honestly, to get back in to and further into the field all I want is meals and transportation….if I could benefit financially, as mentioned before that would be redirected the bettering of the team.

    You may not be able to assist me, but I was hoping that maybe you could forward me on to some one who could. At a bare minimum at least you know of me if a situation meeting my abilities came available.

    I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this email if you can help me that would be wonderful. But, if you aren’t able to do anything; I would like you to know that I enjoyed the classes I attended and would gladly attend other prerequisite or courses I may need.

    Marty Richard
    2886 Sims Road
    Sevierville TN 37876
    (843) 442-1380 Resume; can be sent in standard email

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