(U//FOUO) Director of National Intelligence Classification and Control Markings Manual Version 1.2

The following Classification and Control Markings Manual gives descriptions of every major classification and control marking used in the U.S. Intelligence Community along with its legal justifications and goes with the Authorized Classification and Control Markings Register.  Newer versions of the manual have been released via FOIA requests, however they contain a number of redactions.

Intelligence Community Classification and Control Markings Implementation Manual

  •  109 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • May 12, 2008


(U) Authority

(U) DCID 6/6 dated 13 July 2001, mandates a classification marking system for the Intelligence Community (IC). This system uses a uniform list of security classification and control markings authorized for all dissemination of classified national intelligence information by components of the IC. This marking system augments and further defines the markings requirements established in Executive Order 12958, as amended, for portion markings and overall classification. This system does not stipulate or modify the classification authority information required by EO 12958, as amended.

(U) These classification and control markings, and their authorized abbreviations and portion markings, are compiled in the Authorized Classification and Control Markings Register maintained by the Controlled Access Program Coordination Office (CAPCO) (hereafter, referred to as the CAPCO Register) of the Director of National Intelligence Special Security Center (DNI SSC) pursuant to DCID 6/11.

(U) Purpose

(U) The Implementation Manual is a companion document developed to provide amplifying and explanatory guidance on the syntax and use of the markings contained in the CAPCO Register. While not the policy basis for individual agencies’ use of any particular marking, the Implementation Manual cites the applicable authority and sponsor for each marking. Some of the Dissemination Controls and Non-Intelligence Community Dissemination Control Markings are restricted to use by certain agencies. They are included to provide guidance on handling documents that bear them. Their inclusion in the manual does not authorize other Agencies to use these markings. Non-US Classification and Joint Classification Markings are restricted to the respective countries or international organizations.

(U) Certain unpublished controlled access program markings or markings that only determine addressing or routing of information are not included in the Implementation Manual per the CAPCO Register. The unpublished markings are contained in a separate unpublished Register maintained by CAPCO. Contact the CAPCO staff if you have questions regarding these items.

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