(U//FOUO) HITRAC Homeland Security Threat Overview

Office of Intelligence and Analysis

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  • October 2007


Al-Qa’ida’sGlobal Jihad Priorities
•Al-Qa’idahas focused on several key areas of importance to the group to further spread its goal of global jihad
–Iraq –AQ in Iraq is committed to removing US and Coalition troops and returning Iraq to an Islamic state governed with Shari’alaw
–Africa –AQ has sought mergers with groups in Africa to further its agenda and has made frequent statements on the importance of Sudan and Somalia as fronts in the global jihad.
–Afghanistan –AQ’sformer safehavenand a key component of the group’s strategy in promoting global jihad.

AQ Intent on Attacking
ONG Infrastructure
•(U//FOUO) Al-Qa’ida continues to demonstrate its intent and capability to target oil and natural gas infrastructure—exploiting media to promote attacks in sector
–Video messages
–Jihadi websites
•(U//FOUO) Targets identified in 2006 Oil fatwa:
–Oil pipelines
–Oil facilities
–Oil industry-related individuals (including soldiers guarding facilities)
–Not permitted: attacks on oil wells

Saudi Extremist Networks
•(U//FOUO) Saudi Arabian Ministry of the Interior (MOI) continuesto arrest suspected and AQ-affiliated terrorists.
–Arrested 172 militants in a 6-9 month period; 7 terror cells uncovered:
•Operational support cell; 9 members; gathering weapons and information on petroleum facilities
•Group of 5 individuals associated with the 24 February 2006
Abqaiq attack
•(U//FOUO) On 5 June the ministry announced the arrests of 3 AQ members responsible for recruiting youths on the internet and encouraging attacks on Saudi oil facilities. (U//FOUO) Some individuals associated with these cells remain at large andcontinue to represent a threat to Saudi Arabia’s ONG infrastructure; threat levels remain high as al-Qa’ida and insurgent groups have an enduring interest in attacks targeting oil facilities.

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