(U//FOUO) Open Source Center Chinese Military Bloggers Report

China — PRC Military Commentators’ Blogs

  • 24 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • June 30, 2010


This report surveys 10 prominent PRC commentators on military affairs who appear to write blogs hosted on PRC and PRC-owned Hong Kong websites. All of these commentators appear to maintain an online presence using these blogs to promote their viewpoints. Commentators cover such topics as PRC military strategy, air defense, navy issues, army aviation, information technology, defense spending, foreign military developments, military-to-military relations, political education, military history, training, and exercises. These blogs appear on China’s authoritative government websites, popular PRC commercial portal sites, and independent Hong Kong news websites.

Source Note

The military commentators discussed in this report have been selected based on one or more of the following factors: observed frequency of television appearances, number of articles written, position in top military academies, fields of study, and areas of expertise. Commentators are listed alphabetically. Blog order is based on view count. OSC is generally unable to verify the identity or location of posters or readers of these online blogs. Furthermore, OSC is unable to verify the extent of censorship or manipulation of online discussion. Statistical information has been provided, when available, directly from the respective blogs and may be false or incorrect. All data is current as of 10 June 2010.

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