(U//FOUO) TSA Possible Suicide Bomber Indicators Poster

TSA Possible Suicide Bomber Indicators

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  • June 2008


The following indicators may identify possible suicide bombers. NOTE: An individual displaying a single indicator may represent legitimate activity; an individual displaying multiple indicators would be considered suspicious.

  • Clothing is out of sync with weather, location, or suspect’s appearance (e.g. long coat in hot weather; loose clothing to hide bulges)
  • Displays excessive sweating, mumbling, fidgeting, or conversely, being unusually calm and detached
  • Eyes are focused/Appears to be in a trance
  • Hands are kept in pockets
  • Pats upper body as if checking something
  • Has pale face from recent shaving
  • Walks deliberately, does not run
  • Exhibits an unnatural gait and posture
  • Unresponsive to commands, salutations
  • Emits strange chemical odors
  • Hands and arms may have chemical burns/bleaching from handling or mixing chemicals to make explosives

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