(U//LES) DoJ “Paths to Radicalization” Briefing

Bureau of Justice Assistance

  • Dr. Jonathan White
  • Law Enforcement Sensitive
  • June 2010


Radicalization Process
• Adopting violent extremist position
• To address perceived injustice
• By taking violent actions

Six Observable Factors
1. Adopting legalistic, literalist form of religion
2. Trusts only selected legalistic sources
• Ahmed ibn Taymiyya
• Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahhab
• Hassan al Banna
• Sayyid Qutb
• Abdullah Maududi
3. Accepts “Clash of Civilizations”
• West at war with Islam
• Ayman al Zawahiri – 3 choices for infidels
– Slavery
– Conversion
– Death
4. No tolerance for theological deviance
5. Vehemently tries to convert other Muslims
to narrow interpretations
6. Publically advocates
violence against
U.S. policies

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