(U//LES) Louisiana Fusion Center Slide Fire Fully Automatic AR-15 Converter Bulletin

Officer Safety: New Product-SSAR-15

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  • Law Enforcement Sensitive
  • April 2011


LA-SAFE recently received Officer Safety information regarding the conversion of semi-automatic AR rifles to fully automatic rifles.

A new stock is being produced by Slide Solutions as a product named the SSAR-15. The product, a bump fire stock, is being sold over the internet and at local gun stores which easily converts special models of the AR to a fully automatic weapon. Information has been received that a Louisiana gun store in Lafayette has ten of them in stock and are selling them for around $380.00 a piece.

Results of a recent law enforcement study of the weapon, including a test fire:
• No mechanical failures of the product were observed
• Weapon was able to be fired easily in the modified “fully automatic” mode

• Anyone can purchase the SSAR-15 with no restrictions.
• The product is relatively new and many law enforcement officers involved in the above-described study were not familiar with the new attachment.
• You tube videos can be observed on the internet, demonstrating how to attach the device and the effects of its use.

• The SSAR-15 stock which easily converts in minutes (one flathead screwdriver) allows almost any model AR-15 to be readily “utilized in a fully automatic firing mode.”
• The product is offered in a right and left hand version and comes complete with instructions on how to install the product.
• The product also comes with a letter from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, authorizing the device as “intended to assist persons whose hands have limited mobility to ‘bump-fire’ an AR-15 type rifle.” However, there are no selling or buying restrictions for only handicapped or disabled persons to purchase the items.
• ATF currently does not regulate because “the stock has no automatically functioning mechanical parts or springs and performs no automatic mechanical function when installed. In order to use the installed device, the shooter must apply constant pressure with the shooting hand.”

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