USNORTHCOM General Population Evacuation by Air


  • Ms Rita Woolwine
  • 15 pages
  • March 17, 2009


Who is it for?

Planning guide is for release to FEMA National and Region Headquarters planners, Defense Coordinating Officers (DCOs), and USNORTHCOM Component Commands; with the intent that these planners will pass the Guide on to all state, territory, and major metropolitan area lead emergency managers.

How should it be used?

• The “General Population Evacuation By Air Planning Guide” provides a framework for the state or territory to plan, coordinate, and execute evacuation-by-air operations;
• It is intended as a tool for any state, territory, and major metropolitan area emergency managers to use.
• This guide provides a list of questions (primarily found in Enclosure 1), the answers to which provide the information needed by DoD (USNORTHCOM and USTRANSCOM) to effectively support an evacuation using air assets.

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