(U//FOUO) Wisconsin Fusion Centers Bulletin: Threats Against Law Enforcement and Public Sector Personnel

The following bulletin was obtained from the website of the Wisconsin EMS Association.

Joint Special Edition Law Enforcement & First Responder Threat Environment Update

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Date: August 1, 2016
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(U) Recent reporting at the local, state, and national level indicates both violence and threats of violence against law enforcement. Recently, the activity has expanded beyond law enforcement, affecting non-sworn first responders as well as public partners (such as transportation employees).

(U) In light of the current threat environment, the Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center (WSIC) and the Southeastern Wisconsin Threat Analysis Center (STAC) are disseminating this Joint Special Edition. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide homeland security partners with an assessment of the current threat environment, as well as appropriate operational and personal security measures.

(U) Threat Incidents in Wisconsin

(U) WSIC and STAC continue to receive information related to violence and threats of violence to law enforcement and other first responders in Wisconsin. Recent examples include:

• (U//FOUO) On 20 July, a southeastern sheriff’s office received a threat that a group out of state had ordered the assassination of a law enforcement official and family member in southeastern Wisconsin.
• (U//FOUO) On 19 July, a police department southeastern Wisconsin received an email pertaining to a threat of a gang member who was reportedly one of many trained to “snipe” police. The threat was deemed not credible.
• (U//FOUO) On 19 July, a south central Wisconsin sheriff’s office received threats via social media.
• (U//FOUO) On 17 July, an online social media post indicating, “You police officers started this killing s**t and you thought we were gonna keep taking it with no justice for the families? No! Don’t be surprised we coming for you” was received by a southeastern Wisconsin police department.
• (U//FOUO) On 17 July, while conducting a traffic stop, an officer from a police department in southern Wisconsin received a threat to kill law enforcement.
• (U//FOUO) On 17 July, sometime overnight at a probation & parole (P&P) office in northeastern Wisconsin, an unknown person(s) sprayed or poured an accelerant on the employee entrance door to the office and set it on fire.
• (U//FOUO) Early Sunday morning on 17 July, a Milwaukee police officer while sitting in his squad was fired upon. The suspect fled the scene and later took his own life.
• (U//FOUO) On 15 July, an anonymous third party provided information to a southeastern Wisconsin police department that suggested potential violence against law enforcement officers. The information indicated another Dallas-style attack would occur.
• (U//FOUO) On 11 July, a subject made threats to south central police department and specifically mentioned a second south central police department.
• (U//FOUO) On 11 July, a south central police department received threats via social media to law enforcement, fire, and EMS.
• (U//FOUO) On 9 July, a known subject followed an on-duty deputy with a sheriff’s office in western Wisconsin to various calls for service. When approached, the subject was very confrontational with officers.
• (U//FOUO) On 08 July, while an individual was being served revocation papers at a county jail in northeastern Wisconsin, the subject made a comment that the local probation & parole (P&P) office “will not be around much longer” as there are “several other inmates upset” with
the office.
• (U//FOUO) On 08 July, a police department in southeastern Wisconsin received information of an online post made by a subject stating, “Either They Stop Killing Us Or We Start Blowing They Ass Down.” The statement was accompanied by a photo of two black males pointing handguns at the head of a uniformed police officer next to his squad car.
• (U//FOUO) On 08 July, a police department in southeastern Wisconsin received information of an online post stating: “Be first to shoot first I encourage every Black man in America to strap up. It is clear. I encourage every white officer to kiss there love ones good bye. Every time you leave the house. Tell them you love them; because you may not make it home. Also if you do make it home. You may find there dead bodies sprawled all over the house. This is war were tired. I don’t care who I offend I don’t have any more words but bullets. It’s time to start going into there homes and killing there families. Not f***ing playing or smiling:( “
• (U//FOUO) On 06 July, a sheriff’s office in northeastern Wisconsin had a subject threaten to kill a parole officer and law enforcement. He threatened suicide by police.
• (U//FOUO) On 05 July, sometime overnight a probation & parole office in northeastern Wisconsin reported an instance of a Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) vehicle that was set on fire and destroyed.
• (U//FOUO) On 03 July, a southeastern Wisconsin police department provided information related to an online post by a subject who identified he lived in Cleveland, OH. He urged Wisconsin persons to “Start Killing those racist pigs, get their addresses find their badge numbers follow their assess home kill their entire family for taking yours, make sure you pray before you go ask God for your protection Amen”.
• (U//FOUO) On 24 June, a local police department in south central Wisconsin encountered a subject who made statements, “that he (the officer) better watch himself and that he was coming for him.” The subject fled quickly after receiving his citation and yelled at the officer. Within 30 minutes of the traffic stop, the officer was followed by the subject turn for turn through the village. Many contacts have been made with this subject and he continues to show agitation and anger towards law enforcement.
• (U//FOUO) On 15 June, a police department in south central Wisconsin encountered a suicidal subject who threatened to kill law enforcement if they approached him.
• (U//FOUO) On 15 July, a state law enforcement agency received threats.
• (U//FOUO) On 14 June, a county in northeast Wisconsin received threats to first responders.
• (U//FOUO) On 09 June, threats were made via email to a law enforcement officer in south central Wisconsin.

(U) Recent Incidents in Minnesota

(U) The WSIC and STAC have also received information related to violence and threat of violence to law enforcement and other first responders in surrounding states as well. Recent examples in Minnesota include:

• (U//FOUO) On 15 July, EMS was returning from Virginia, MN to Duluth when a vehicle pulled aside the ambulance and two females began shouting obscenities, including “we hate cops”.
• (U//FOUO) On 14 July, a Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area EMS crew was responding to a call when a person in an alleyway threw an object that struck the ambulance.
• (U//FOUO) On 12 July, a group of young men stepped into the road and blocked a Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area EMS crew from responding to a call. They flipped off the driver, refused to move, and attempted to surround the vehicle, forcing the vehicle to reverse.
• (U//FOUO) On 09 July, a segment of the several hundred demonstrators on the I-94 freeway in Minnesota used weapons to assault law enforcement, to include a laser pointer, large commercial fireworks, rocks, bottles, liquids, concrete segments, and rebar. Minnesota Department of Transportation workers were also assaulted during subsequent cleanup efforts.
• (U//FOUO) On 08-09 July, an individual in a vehicle approached a Metro area ambulance and made statements about it being “time to die” and that they “will be the next Dallas”. At the time, medics were loading a patient into the ambulance and law enforcement was present. It is uncertain if the statements were directed at law enforcement or all uniformed personnel.
• (U//FOUO) On 08 July, suspects occupying a vehicle threw Molotov cocktails at Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area officers.
• (U//FOUO) On 09 July, subject stated, “it’s time for you ‘f—ing’ ‘n—ger’ to die,” to Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area EMS personnel.
• (U//FOUO) On 08 July, a Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area EMS crew were told they were “no better than the police” and would be “treated the same”.

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