California Redbook Law Enforcement Guide for Emergency Operations

California Law Enforcement Guide for Emergency Operations

  • 133 pages
  • October 2009


The California Emergency Management Agency’s original Law Enforcement Guide for Emergency Operations was developed in response to the need for standardization and uniformity of organization and response on the part of law enforcement agencies involved in major multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency incidents such as a civil disorder, technological disaster, or natural disaster.

The revised and expanded 2009 Law Enforcement Guide for Emergency Operations is designed to be a practical field-oriented guide to assist law enforcement personnel throughout the State of California with implementation of the Field Level Incident Command System. The intended primary users of this guide are watch commanders and field supervisors. The guide can also be an excellent emergency response tool for law enforcement managers, as well as line officers and deputies.

This updated edition incorporates the concept and statutory requirement of the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS). Additionally, the Law Enforcement Incident Command System (LEICS), as approved by the SEMS Law Enforcement Specialist Committee, is presented in this publication. Please disregard earlier editions of this guide. The Law Enforcement Guide for Emergency Operations is organized in a user-friendly format consisting of overview text, diagrams, organization charts, checklists, forms, and a glossary. Several sections are suitable for photocopying and distribution to field personnel. Our ultimate goal is to provide practical guidance for California law enforcement agencies in using the SEMS and LEICS organizational framework for efficient and safe response, management, and coordination of major emergencies and disasters.

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