Cornerstones of Armed Forces Transformation in Germany


DACOS Planning Division

  • Armed Forces Staff
  • Federal Ministry of Defence, Bonn
  • Captain von Dambrowski
  • 34 pages
  • May 1, 2006


Respondingto the Challenges

-TheBundeswehr Concept-

Mission of the Bundeswehr
•Ensure Germany‘s action-taking capabilityin the field of foreign policy
•Contribute to Stability on a European and global scale
•Ensure national securityand defence and help defend allies
•Promote multinational cooperation and integration

•International conflict prevention and crisis management, including the fight against international terrorism
•Support of alliance partners
•Protectionof Germany‘s territoryand its citizens
•Rescue and evacuation operations
•Partnership and cooperation
•Relief operations(official assistance, natural disasters, catastrophic accidents)


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