CSTC-A Afghan National Police Training Facility Maintenance and Life Support Services Contractor Work Statement

Afghan National Police Training Facility Maintenance and Life Support Services Statement of Work

  • Afghan National Police/Ministry of Interior Development Program
  • 38 pages
  • August 10, 2010


CSTC-A requires contracted life support services, to include training facility force protection, in the areas identified in the chart below. These efforts directly support the US and NATO missions to develop a trained and professional Afghan police force, enhancing public security, and supporting the rule of law in Afghanistan. Facilities covered under this requirement support various aspects of the training of the ANP, including providing life support for mentors and trainers of the Afghan government, USFOR-A, and Coalition Forces who support the training of the ANP. Due to the changing nature of combat support requirements, the Contractor shall expect that quantities, types, and/or locations of the services to be required within this geographic area will change over the Period of Performance.

1.1. Life Support
Contractor shall provide necessary Life Support services, such as Medical, MWR, and Lodging and Subsistence, to maintain quality of life for personnel deployed to Afghanistan as outlined in this SOW. The diagram above provides a list of support locations, to include the number of personnel at the location, which currently receive Contractor and/or U.S. military-provided support. The locations and number of facilities to be supported is subject to change.
1. The Contractor shall plan for and provide all personnel, equipment, maintenance, tools, materials, transportation, supervision, and other items and services necessary to accomplish the requirements.
2. The Contractor shall ensure sufficient quantities of all materials are available to meet ordinary demands to avoid delays in training execution.
3. This area of operations historically has used vehicles as weapons (VBIED). Therefore care must be exercised by the selected Contractor when negotiating local vendors for services and determining the level of security of the vendors for any service that requires vehicles to approach the compound, such as waste removal, delivery of fuel, etc.
4. All SOPs, directives, instructions, and procedures shall be provided in English and in languages that can be understood by those support personnel providing the service. Managers shall be able to communicate and convey instructions to service staff.

3.1. Camp Falcon
3.2. Bamiyan
3.3. CTC Kabul
3.4. Gardez
3.5. Herat
3.6. Jalalabad
3.7. Kandahar
3.8. Konduz
3.9. Mazar-e-Sharif
3.10. Lonestar
3.11. Spin Boldak
3.12. Sherbeghan
3.13. Shouz
3.14. NPTC

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