ISAF Afghan National Police Logistics Training Handbook


  • 247 pages
  • June 19, 2009
  • 6.3 MB


The mission of CJTF Phoenix is to train and mentor the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) to conduct independent, self-sustained Counter Insurgency (COIN) and Security Operations in order to defeat terrorism and provide a secure, stable environment within the borders of Afghanistan. The ANSF is primarily composed of the Afghan National Army (ANA), Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP), Afghan National Police (ANP), Afghan Border Patrol (ABP) and Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP).

CJTF Phoenix J4 ANSF Logistics [LOG] Cell supports the growth and development of the logistical readiness of ANSF by providing CJ4 staff oversight and assistance to CJTF Phoenix Logistics Mentors at the Regional-level and below. Specifically, the ANSF Log cell is responsible for

– Training assigned ANSF logistics mentors at the Regional level and below
– Collecting, analyzing, and reporting logistical data from reporting units in the field
– Facilitating the mentoring mission by advocating for the logistics mentors in the field
– Advising on ANSF national logistics policy development.

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