ISAF Local Operating Procedures Kabul Afghansitan International Airport


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  • October 20, 2009






Kabul International Airport belongs to the MoTCA, which operates KAIA. It is supported by the Troop Contributing Nations (TCNs). COM KAIA, under the command of COM ISAF, operates the military component of KAIA, assists the Afghan authorities in operating KAIA, and also assumes Air Traffic Control Authority in KABUL Control Zone (CTR).



The Afghan authorities retain responsibility for their respective Areas of Responsibilities (AOR). Inside ISAF AOR access for non-ISAF personnel is denied. However, access for ISAF-employees or guests on official business including personnel working at the airport for the Afghan Armed Forces or other Governmental Institutions will be permitted. Furthermore ISAF Rules of Engagement (ROE) are to apply, including authorization to use firearms. The same rules shall apply on KAIA outside the ISAF AOR, where ISAF or ISAF-chartered aircraft are operated and/or parked.

For ISAF AOR at KAIA see Annex A.


Air Traffic Control

By authority of the MoTCA of the GIRoA, the CFACC (Combined Forces Air Component Commander) has designated the ACA (Airspace Coordination Authority) as the responsible agency for Kabul FIR until further notice (see AIP Afghanistan/reference D).


Kabul CTR

Within Kabul CTR, ACA lies with ISAF, while ATC service is provided by Kabul ATC Tower. COM KAIA is responsible for the management of adequate ATC services at KAIA.


Kabul TMA

RMS personnel, under the authority of CFACC’s designated ACA, provide radar Approach Control Service.


Coalition Military Aircraft
Flights must contact the Coalition Coordination Center or Air Mobility Division contacts listed below:
Coalition Coordination Center
HQ CENTCOM, MacDill AFB, Florida:
DSN Phone:(312) 651-1152/1624
DSN Phone: (after hours)(312) 651-4189
Commercial Phone: +1 (813) 827-1152/1624
Commercial Phone: (after hours) +1 (813) 827-4189
Air Mobility Division (AMD)
DSN Phone:(318) 436 – 4127/4422
Commercial Phone: (974) 450-3452 Ext 436-4422


Non-ISAF Aircraft

All civil aircraft supporting ISAF mission are to request the slot to AMCC EINDHOVEN. Aircrews shall act accordingly to the issued slot times and amendments shall be negotiated with AMCC, prior to departure to KAIA. Kabul operating authorities shall not negotiate on the aircraft’s behalf.

Arriving aircraft will not be accepted to land without valid PPR or Air OPS room approval.

Issuance of a slot time comprises the availability of the parking position; CATO services (passenger and cargo handling) and refueling, but only if the relevant fields in the approved PPR are filled with the proper information.

All flights are recommended to have sufficient fuel to meet their scheduled arrival and departure times. Aircrews should be prepared for minimal ground times. Aircrews need to consider adequate amount of fuel for potential ground/air delays, due to unforeseen events.

Operators shall contact AMCC for any changes to PPR/slot times, and exceptionally KABUL AIR OPS room for short notice changes!

Cancelled flights that are not reported are causing unnecessary activation of precious Search and Rescue resources. Operators violating these procedures may encounter denial of future requests for slot times on KAIA.

For slot request procedures refer to AIP Afghanistan/Reference D.


Aircraft parking at UK Embassy Apron 5 D & US Embassy Apron 6

Aircraft parking at those Aprons do not need a PPR. As a courtesy, managers of these Aprons are strongly recommended to inform and coordinate with the ISAF Air Ops Room about any flights, timings and requests.

Note: All times used are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


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