NORAD and NORTHCOM Operations Plans Summary


U.S. Northern Command

  • BG Bob Felderman, Deputy Director J, Plans, Policy & Strategy
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  • September 30, 2009

NORAD Missions

• Aerospace Warning: Detect, validate, characterize, assess and warn of attacks against North America, whether by aircraft, missiles or space vehicles
• Aerospace Control: Detect and respond to unauthorized and unwanted air activity approaching or operating within North American airspace
• Maritime Warning: Process, assess and disseminate intelligence/information to warn of maritime threats or attacks against North America


Conduct military operations to:

    • Anticipate, deter, prevent and defeat threats to the United States, its territories and interests within assigned area of responsibility
    • Provide civil support and other assistance to U.S. civil authorities as directed

north Family of Plans

• NC Theater Campaign Plan
• CONPLAN 3310 -Aerospace Defense & Maritime Warning
• CONPLAN 3400 -Homeland Defense
• Combined Defense Plan
• CONPLAN 3475 -Regional War on Terrorism
• CONPLAN 3600 -Emergency Preparedness in the NCR
• CONPLAN 3501 -Defense Support of Civil Authorities
• CONPLAN 3500 -CBRNE Consequence Management
• CONPLAN 3502 -Civil Disturbance Operations
• CANUS Civil Assistance Plan
• CONPLAN 3551 -Pandemic Influenza -Global
• CONPLAN 3591 -Pandemic Influenza -Regional
• CONPLAN 3505 -Nuclear Weapon Accident Response Plan

Theater Campaign Plan

• Purpose: Long-range plan to operationalize the NC Theater Strategy, and synchronize Global and Theater campaign planning, security cooperation, contingency planning, strategic communication, resources and forces
• Highlights:
• Ensures Command objectives aligned with NDS and NMS
• Achieve Guidance for Employment of the Force and JSCP end states
• Link and synchronize steady state, shaping, and security cooperation activities with our contingency plans
• A Capstone document that will drive activities in the HQ’s

Emerging National Planning Initiatives

• Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8, Annex I
• Integrated Planning System
• National Homeland Security Plan
• National Interagency Concept Plans


• Codified planning processes for Interagency Planning
• National Planning Scenarios binned into 8 mission sets
• Additional appendices to CONPLAN Operations Annex
• CONPLAN 3501 for DSCA
• Possible revisions to CONPLAN 3400 for HD

• We at NORAD and USNORTHCOM include:
-US Government, State, Tribal, and Local Agencies (e.g. Dept of Homeland Security, State, Transportation, Health and Human Services, etc)
-Non-Governmental Agencies (e.g. Red Cross, Humanitarian Int’l Service Group, etc)
-Private Sector Organizations (Academic, business, professional)


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