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DHS Project Nemo Overview

*The growing number of SPSS vessels indicates that their stealthy characteristics and ability to carry many tons ofcocaine have helped them develop into what now seems to be a major component of the narcotics logistics chain•

* Colombian Navy believes that during the past two to three years, cocaine smuggling SPSS vessels have been arranged mostly by the drug trafficking factions of the FARC, probably in association with organized crime groups also involved in drug trafficking •

**Profit margin:–1 Kg of cocaine is sold in the US for ~$20 to $25,000 USD ($30 to $35,000 USD in Europe)

–7000 Kg of cocaine can be carried in a SPSS –Money earned: 7000 x 25,000 = $175 million USD

–Captain gets paid $20 to $25,000 USD per trip, other crew gets $5 to $6,000 USD per trip; Total crew cost ~$40,000 USD

–$1 to $2 million invested to build and run a SPSS is ~2 to 3% of the whole profit made

Strategic Policy Forum Exercise Deadly Venture

On September 22, 2009, National Defense University’s Strategic Policy Forum (SPF) conducted its twenty-eighth Congressional exercise, Deadly Venture, which explored the linkages and threats posed by the nexus between illicit narcotics trafficking and terrorism and the rising power and influence of Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs). The exercise scenario focused on the Latin America region and the U.S. – Mexico border.

Low Probability Cartel Violence Will Affect Seven County Area in Near Term

(U//FOUO) Los Angeles and Riverside are among 131 U.S. cities that report a Mexican drug-trafficking organization (DTO) presence with a corresponding cartel affiliation. In spite of this, cities in the Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC)/Joint Drug Intelligence Group (JDIG)’s area of responsibility (AoR) have felt little impact from the violence currently affecting Mexico. and there is a low probability this will change in the near term (three to six months). Nevertheless, cartel members are using increasingly ruthless tactics.