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Indian Government Dossier Linking Mumbai Terrorists to Pakistani ISI

Documentation released by the Government of India’s Press Information Bureau with this description: “A report which appeared in the media today states that the Chicago trial of the 2008 Mumbai attacks will be held from the 16th of this month. The report also states that the federal prosecutors indicted some more suspects last week in this case. Information available with the Government of India on the five persons named as accused in the second charge-sheet filed by the United States Government in the case is given in the annexure.”

(U//FOUO) DHS Report: Small Unit Tactics in Terrorist Attacks

The DHS/Office for Bombing Prevention TRIPwire team is providing this Information Product to private sector owners and operators and law enforcement to alert them to small unit tactics used by terrorists throughout the world. This report is derived from a variety of open sources and government reports. At this time, there is no credible or specific information that terrorists are planning operations against public buildings in the United States, but it is important for Federal, State, and Local authorities, and private sector owners and operators to be aware of potential terrorist tactics.

NYPD Law Enforcement Sensitive Mumbai Attack Analysis

On the evening of November 26, 2008, ten (10) terrorists executed multiple coordinated attacks using automatic weapons and hand grenades on various “soft targets”, such as hotels and restaurants, in Mumbai, India. The operational modus operandi of this terrorist attack constitutes a major shift in the traditional terrorist tactics of using suicide operatives and planted explosive devices, to the execution of a well planned “commando” type military assault using automatic weapons, hand grenades and urban combat tactics, intended to inflict the maximum number of casualties.

DHS Analysis of Mumbai Combined Arms Operation

On 26 November 2008, Islamic extremists conducted terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. Mumbai is the commercial and financial capital city of India, with a population of over 14 million. Ten gunmen paralyzed India’s largest city in a matter of minutes Wednesday night, with the siege continuing until Saturday afternoon. To fully identify appropriate protective measures, it is essential to retrace the assault planning process, and examine all facets taken by the terrorists to achieve their [goals].