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Queensland Government Pandemic H1N1 Situation Report August 5, 2009

Gold Coast

• Media are reporting concerns about the imminent arrival of almost 1,000 organ recipients on the Gold Coast for the World Transplant Games. The Local Organising Committee Chairman is said to be negotiating with a health provider to set up a flu clinic at the Games. [couriermail.com.au, 4/8/09]

• Queensland Health has had extensive correspondence with the United Kingdom Organising Committee for the Transplant Games regarding the event. The Organising Committee concluded it would continue with the Games as planned.

Queensland Government Pandemic H1N1 Situation Report August 4, 2009

Townsville HSD reported a youth at Cleveland Detention Centre was displaying influenza like symptoms. The inmate was swabbed, isolated and commenced on Tamiflu, with ten further courses of Tamiflu supplied to the Centre’s nurse. Two further suspected cases have been swabbed, administered Tamiflu and isolated. On Tnesday, 04 Angnst 2009, Townsville HSD reported two positive cases of Pandemic (HlNl) 2009 at the facility.