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Rothschild Bank AG Zurich Annual Report 2008/2009

Our prudent management, strong capital base and conservative risk policy have ensured that we have not suffered unduly in the financial crisis. On the contrary, we have been a safe harbour for our clients and an attractive destination for those families seeking a new partner to help structure and manage their wealth. Our ongoing stability, commitment to providing objective advice and the dedication of our client directors have continued to attract new clients.

IMF Report on Switzerland Fiscal Transparency

This report provides an assessment of the fiscal transparency practices of Switzerland against the requirements of the IMF Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency (2007). The first part is a description of practices, prepared by IMF staff on the basis of discussions with the authorities and their responses to the fiscal transparency questionnaire, and drawing on other available information. The second part is an IMF staff commentary on fiscal transparency in Switzerland. The two appendices summarize the staff’s assessments, comment on the observance of good practices, and document the public availability of information.