U.S. Army Combined Arms Center: Afghan Counterinsurgency Lessons Brief

Human Terrain System (HTS) COIN Training

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  • February 17, 2010


Pashtun Culture is a culture of permanent insurgency because of Pashtunwali

(“The Way of the Pashtun” )

•Coalition Forces must be arrayed to protect the Afghan population!
•Operations must be WITH AFGHAN FORCES(Police and Army)!
•Coalition forces must live amongst the people to gain their confidence and have success!

•Leader Development: Empower subordinates with support of intelligence, logistics, guidance, & authority to execute operations.
•General purpose troops now fulfilling traditional Special Forces role.
–Junior leaders need freedom of action like Special Forces Troops
•All units need to be trained in Counterinsurgency before going into theater, to include contractors.

•Insurgency focused in mountainous/rural areas
–BUTreconstruction has been centered on urban centers
•Over 50% of reconstruction spending has occurred in Kabul
•Few Reconstruction Teams in rural areas
(19% of population is urban, 81% rural)

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