(U//FOUO) New York CrossFIRE Radio Theft Report

Recent thefts of radio communications equipment from Fire and EMS Agencies

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  • For Official Use Only
  • January 29, 2010


Fire Departments in Warren and Washington County have recently reported thefts of communications equipment
• Thefts include portable and mobile radios, along with software capable of programming this equipment.
• Only newer model, VHF radios have been stolen. Low‐band and older model radios (which aren’t capable of narrowband) have been left untouched.
• Of particular concern: programming software has been stolen. This software could potentially be used to reprogram radios with frequencies of law enforcement agencies, Fire and EMS services, and other public and private sector organizations/businesses.

⇒ Ensure all building doors and garage doors are closed and secured behind you.
⇒ Do not leave any doors propped or open unless someone is monitoring them.
⇒ Close and secure (lock) windows when no one is present.
⇒ Only give access codes and security information regarding your building(s) or facility(s) to those
with a need to know.
⇒ Maintain an up‐to‐date list of personnel with access codes and security information; regularly
change access codes.
⇒ Avoid loaning your keys to anyone or leaving them unattended.
⇒ Regularly inventory communications equipment before/after calls.
⇒ A record of equipment serial numbers and make/model should be retained by department officers
and equipment should be permanently marked with department identifiers.
⇒ If possible, when out of station or on an active emergency call, leave a crew member with your apparatus;
or lock the vehicle. If this is not possible, try to park the vehicle in a location where a
member of your crew can monitor it.
⇒ Check your vehicles and stations at the start and end of each shift to ensure communications
equipment is present and has not been tampered with.
⇒ When working at emergency scenes or visiting facilities, ensure that each responder has department
credentials visible.
⇒ Identify and immediately report any unfamiliar first responders through your chain of command.
⇒ Question any offers to program or sell radio equipment by individuals, shops, or businesses that
are not known, reputable dealers. Report any information that you can obtain to law enforcement.

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