(U//FOUO) San Diego Fusion Center Terrorism Imagery Recognition

San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center

  • 15 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • August 2011


Group logos, flags, and other extremist imagery are prevalent throughout most terrorist and extremist groups. Imagery provides a means of evoking existing emotional and historical memories in addition to communicating ideas to potential recruits. Logos and symbols are often used as visual representation of groups and/or their ideology. Print, internet propaganda, tattoos, clothing and accessories, stickers, and other graphic media are the most common representations of extremist imagery. First responders need to be aware of common extremist imagery as it may indicate involvement or support for a particular domestic extremist organization or international terrorist group.

This product provides law enforcement and homeland security partners with information drawn from open source materials including online editions of printed newspapers and relevant counterterrorism sites.

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