U.S. Air Force Requests Removal of Documents from Public Intelligence

On July 29, 2010, Public Intelligence received a notice from Paul Malcolm of Booz Allen Hamilton in support of the U.S. Air Force Key Management Infrastructure program. Mr. Malcolm is very polite in requesting the removal of two “For Official Use Only” documents, one of which, he says, is proprietary. Both documents concern the Simple Key Loader, a fill device used to load cryptographic keys into encryption systems. The first document is the U.S. Air Force SKL Wireless & Black Data Distribution System Overview. The second is the Simple Key Loader Instruction Guide. Neither of the documents bear any particular markings indicating their proprietary nature. While he does not specify which document is proprietary, it is possible that the SKL Instruction Guide is thought to be proprietary because it concerns the functioning and operation of a device produced under contract and ostensibly owned by the Sierra Nevada Corporation. In fact, it is from the official website of the Sierra Nevada Corporation that both of these documents were originally and inadvertently made available. One is still available.

Secretive Government Contractor “Project Vigilant” Monitors U.S. Internet Traffic

A semi-secret government contractor that calls itself Project Vigilant surfaced at the Defcon security conference Sunday with a series of revelations: that it monitors the traffic of 12 regional Internet service providers, hands much of that information to federal agencies, and encouraged one of its “volunteers,” researcher Adrian Lamo, to inform the federal government about the alleged source of a controversial video of civilian deaths in Iraq leaked to whistle-blower site Wikileaks in April.

Republicans Block Passage of 9/11 Responder Aid Bill

A verbal flash-fire erupted on the House floor Thursday night over nine-year battle to pass a benefits bill for emergency workers who were first on the scene of the 9/11 attacks. Frustrated with Republican votes against the $7.4 billion measure because Democrats suspended the rules to prevent them from offering unrelated amendments — and at the same time requiring a two-thirds majority to pass — Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner excoriated the minority party. “It’s Republicans wrapping their arms around Republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes,” Weiner said during an impassioned, 90-second speech. “It is a shame. A shame! If you believe this is a bad idea to provide health care–then vote no! But don’t give me the cowardly view that ‘Oh, if it was a different procedure.'”

WikiLeaks Hysteria Causes “Journalists” To Disparage Their Own Freedoms

To summarize: as reporters you should report based on the demands of the war effort and also staunchly advocate for limits on freedom of speech. You should also make your failing publication as ad-infested as possible. Make the ads pop out in weird ways that trick the user, this always builds credibility. Better yet, promote general witch-hunts and the prosecution of people in your own profession. Also, you must be committed to “American values” in order to report information to the public. You should feel enraged at events causally disconnected from other events which you detest because of your inherent moral values.

(U//FOUO) Federal and Local Emergency Response Officials (F/EROs) Electronic Credentialing & Validation Interoperability Report

In accordance with Title IV of Public Law (PL) 110-53, “Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007,” the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defined Federal and Mutual Aid Emergency Response Officials (F/EROs) as personnel with responsibilities under the National Response Framework (NRF), National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP), the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan (NCPIP), and / or the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Additionally, Title IV requires the establishment of an inventory or database system of F/EROs.

FEMA Requests Removal of “Classified” Document from Public Intelligence

In a rather bizaare turn of events, representatives of FEMA have again contacted us requesting the removal of a document from out site. Previously, we were contacted by FEMA regarding the “National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10) Exercise Overview” which we had posted more than seven months prior. This time they are requesting that we remove one of the first documents that we ever posted in May 2009. The document is a brief presentation discussing Electronic Designation and Validation of Federal/Emergency Response Officials (F/EROs) in support of National Preparedness in the National Capital Region. In fact, it has only 25 slides in its entirety.

Spies Say WikiLeaks Makes Them More Secretive

The intelligence failures that led to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were blamed on government agencies hoarding information instead of sharing it, missing crucial clues that could have headed off al-Qaida’s strikes. Those changes, which reduced this kind of information “stovepiping,” have produced the opposite problem — amassing so much data that officials complain it’s hard to make sense of it or, as the WikiLeaks incident shows, keep it secret.

(U//FOUO) Afghanistan Atmospheric Report: No Unified Reason to Fight, No Way to Peace

(U//FOUO) ATMOSPHERIC VALUE: Negative: The local people of Zabul Province do not believe that there can be peace made with the Taliban by giving in to some of their demands because there are so many different Taliban leaders fighting for different reasons and goals it would be hard to satisfy all of their demands.

U.S., South Korea Begin Large-Scale War Games

The drills, code-named “Invincible Spirit” will run until Wednesday and involve around 8,000 American and South Korean troops, 20 ships and submarines and 200 aircraft. Pyongyang has also expressed its rage over new US and European Union sanctions designed to weaken the regime. The US said the exercises are designed to send a potent message to North Korea that it must renounce its “aggressive behaviour”.

Israeli Spies Flee Lebanon

Lebanese newspaper Al Diyar reported Thursday that a former Lebanese army officer who is suspected of spying for Israel has fled Lebanon. The man is currently in Frankfurt, the report said. The suspect, Rasan al-Jud, is suspected of aiding Israel with the help of employees at Alfa, the state-owned mobile telecom company. Lebanese security forces were searching for four other suspects – all technicians from the company – who have also fled Lebanon, the newspaper reported.

Utah Data Center

The Utah Data Center (UDC) will be a highly secure 65 Mega Watt, Tier III National Security Agency datacenter facility to be located near Camp Williams, Utah. The fast-track program will consist of approximately 1 million ft2 of new facilities, of which 100,000 ft2 will be mission-critical space with raised flooring, and the other 900,000 ft2 will be devoted to technical support and administrative space. Ancillary support facilities include water treatment facilities, electrical substations, a vehicle inspection facility and visitor control center, perimeter site security measures, fuel storage, chiller plants and fire suppression systems. The UDC will incorporate green building strategies and will be required to be a LEED certified facility, with the goal of obtaining a LEED Silver rating.

Fusion Center “Privacy and Civil Rights Framework” Enhancement

Over the past three years, federal, state, and local officials have worked tirelessly to ensure that robust privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties protections are integrated into fusion center policies and business processes. These efforts have included developing Baseline Capabilities and model privacy policy templates and providing training and subject-matter expertise to fusion centers.