Greek Debt Downgraded to Junk Status

The bonds of so-called peripheral euro-region nations, including Greece, Ireland and Spain, fell relative to benchmark German bunds after Greece’s credit rating was cut to junk by Moody’s Investors Service. German government bonds rose as investors shunned all but the safest assets following the downgrade and Citigroup Inc. said Greek debt will now be removed from some indexes. The ranking was lowered four steps to Ba1 from A3 by Moody’s, which cited “substantial” risks to economic growth from austerity measures tied to a 110 billion-euro ($134.5 billion) aid package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The lower rating “incorporates a greater, albeit, low risk of default,” the ratings company said in a statement yesterday in London. The outlook is stable, it said.

Iraq/Afghanistan Business Development and Outreach Program (SDOP) SOP

The purpose of the Business Development and Outreach Program (BDOP) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is to define the BOOP mission, roles and responsibilities of the Business Development Consultants (SOC) and the J3lDirector, BDOP, U.S. Government contracting procedures, ethical guidelines, BDOP initiatives, education, training and consulting support, vendor engagements, local engagement with government and business leaders, and cultural orientation for u.s. Forces Iraq/Afghanistan and Iraqi/Afghan interlocutors.

More Than 117 Dead in Kyrgyzstan Riots

Deadly gun battles raged in the Kyrgyzstan city of Osh where bodies littered the streets Monday as ethnic violence escalated and Uzbekistan raced to cope with a massive refugee influx. Amid sporadic gunfire, charred corpses lay unattended in an ethnic Uzbek shop destroyed by petrol bombs, fires burned and Osh streets were littered with shell casings under an acrid, black pall of smoke.

DoD Theater Army Operational & Organizational (O&O) Concept (v5.4)

This Organization and Operations plan (O&O) is based upon a revised operational concept for Theater Army developed as a result of analysis, discussion, and decisions made by senior Army leaders under Army Campaign Plan (ACP) Decision Point 129 (DP 129), Global Command & Control (C2) Laydown, and DP 123, Division, Corps, and Theater Army Design Refinement. The new Army strategy for global command and control of Army forces relies on the Modular Corps headquarters to C2 major operations instead of theater armies. Under the revised operational concept, theater armies no longer require large Operational Command Posts (OCP) to serve as the base organization for the formation of Joint Task Force (JTF) or Joint Force Land Component Command (JFLCC)/Army Force (ARFOR) headquarters to command and control major operations.

MNF-I “Iraqi First” Program Memo

A key aspect of our Economic Line of Operation is the creation of economic expansion, employment, and skills development opportunities for the people of Iraq. The “Iraqi First” program seeks to leverage this command’s resources to accomplish this critical task. I expect all commanders to be creative and focused on supporting this program, and to make sound, riskbased decisions that provide economic opportunities for the Iraqi people, without compromising mission critical logistics capabilities, force protection, or safety.

Israeli Commandos Carried Target Guides for Aid Flotilla Passengers

Newly released footage from the MV Mavi Marmara shows that Israeli commandos carried guides for identifying and targeting individuals on various ships in the Gaza aid flotilla during their raid on May 31, 2010 in international waters. In the footage, a man clearly displays the guide page by page to the filmaker Iara Lee. The following screen captures show quite clearly the contents of the guide.

TRITON Intelligence Report: Iranian Support for the Afghan Taliban

In March 2010 Channel 4 News was shown a large consignment of weapons, reportedly destined for Afghan insurgents, which had been intercepted on the Iranian border in Herat province. The weapons seized included landmines, explosives, mortar rounds, RPG rounds and grenades as well as possible IED main charges in cooking pots and jerry cans. Some of the mines had Persian serial numbers. Afghan government records show that 10.5 tonnes of weapons from Iran were intercepted in Herat province during the previous 12 months and Afghanistan claims that 60% of the weaponry came directly from the Iranian government.

Iranian Government Releases Video of Nuclear Scientist Claiming He Was Kidnapped by the CIA

The Iranian government says it has evidence that one of its nuclear scientists was abducted and is being held in the US against his will. Shahram Amiri disappeared a year ago while on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. A video broadcast by Iranian TV purports to show Mr Amiri saying he was kidnapped and is living in Arizona. Hours later, another video posted on YouTube appeared to show the scientist saying he was happy in America. The US denied abducting him.

BP Bought “Oil Spill” Search Terms to Direct Users to Official Website

Be careful where you click, especially if you’re looking for news on the BP oil spill. BP, the very company responsible for the oil spill that is already the worst in U.S. history, has purchased several phrases on search engines such as Google and Yahoo so that the first result that shows up directs information seekers to the company’s official website. A simple Google search of “oil spill” turns up several thousand news results, but the first link, highlighted at the very top of the page, is from BP. “Learn more about how BP is helping,” the link’s tagline reads.

NY Police: Rental Car Database Info Poses Risk to Undercover Officers

Enterprise and Hertz rental car agencies have added a feature to their websites that allows clients to retrieve up to six months of rental records by inserting their last name and driver’s license number into a search field. While intended for business travelers who need to print receipts for expense reports, it could be a useful investigative tool for those in possession of a suspect’s name and driver’s license number. However, officers should also be aware that it could pose a threat to undercover police operations.

Erez Crossing

The Erez Crossing (מעבר ארז‎) is a civilian entry point into the Gaza Strip. It consists of a series of large concrete building and caged corridors which function as a pedestrian/cargo terminal on the Israeli Gaza Strip barrier, located in the northern end of the Gaza Strip. It is part of a complex formerly including the Erez Industrial Park. The crossing is currently restricted to Arab residents under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority and to Egyptian nationals or international aid officials only. The complex reportedly cost more than $35 million to construct.

Israel Rejects UN International Inquiry into Flotilla Raid

The UN secretary general called today for a multinational investigation of Israel’s raid on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla that left nine dead but the proposal was swiftly rejected by the Israelis. Ban Ki-moon proposed that the inquiry be headed by the former New Zealand prime minister Geoffrey Palmer and include representatives from Turkey – under whose flag many of the ships in the aid convoy sailed – Israel and the US, an official from Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office said.