(U//FOUO/LES) Los Angeles Fusion Center: Methods to Defeat Law Enforcement Crowd Control

The following bulletin from the Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center was released by Anonymous on December 5, 2011.  The manual “Crowd Control and Riot Manual” from Warrior Publications that is described in the bulletin is available for download from Quiver Distro (PDF, 11.7 MB).

Officer Safety: Manual Demonstrates Methods to Defeat Law Enforcement Crowd Control Techniques

  • 3 pages
  • For Official Use Only
  • Law Enforcement Sensitive
  • June 2, 2009


(U//FOUO//LES) The purpose of this bulletin is officer awareness. Officers should know that instigators involved in violent demonstrations might be familiar with, and might try to apply, techniques from the “Crowd Control and Riot Manual.” The handbook, from Warrior Publications teaches protestors how to defeat law enforcement crowd control techniques. Although it does not address specific groups or organizations, the information is widely applicable.

(U) Anti-Crowd Control Measures

(U) The handbook addresses methods used by police to control crowds and countermeasures to defeat them. Figure 1, from the chapter Riot Training, illustrates police protective gear, and then identifies its potential vulnerabilities. The chapter goes on to recommend effective weapons for rioters to carry, offers tactical guidelines, and suggests ways to counter tactical operations by police:

• (U) While an officer’s uniform contains fire retardant material, it may still be set on fire if fuel lands upon it
• (U) Although specialized gear provides protection against projectile and baton strikes, it can limit mobility on hot days; constant running and maneuvering with this gear may cause intense
• (U) Lightly equipped riot police may be vulnerable to projectile and baton strikes
• (U) Patrol vehicles may be damaged with projectiles, destroyed with Molotov cocktails, blinded with paint bombs or disabled with cut/punctured tires; these tactics are also effective against armored vehicles
• (U) Barricades (including those made with burning tires) may be used to limit vision and mobility
• (U) When encountering small arms open fire, return fire may be the best counter • (U) The best response to a baton charge is a heavy barrage of projectiles and the use of barricades
• (U) If an arrest squad (also called a “snatch squad”) is identified, they should be targeted with a heavy barrage of projectiles when they exit police lines
• (U) The use of individual riot weapons is important; primary targets are commanders, ARWEN gunners, snatch squads and K-9 units, as none of these typically carry shields (see
Figure 2)
•  (U) Against riot police, the 3’ long Hambo (also known as a long baton) is a preferred weapon to break through Plexiglas shields and visors: metal pipes or aluminum baseball bats are also good, as they have solid impact against riot armor
•  (U) Pepper/bear spray is good against police not wearing gas masks, as well as vigilante citizens
• (U) Slingshots are useful against both vehicles and police; when used against people, they should be aimed at the face
• (U) Improvised paint bombs (condoms, empty eggs, spray paint cans) are effective when thrown at masks, visors or shields
• (U) Additional effective projectiles include concrete/bricks, flares, fireworks, bottles and rocks
• (U) Projectiles should be thrown from the front of a crowd to avoid injuring cohorts
• (U) In order to escape arrest, team members should practice and rehearse holds, locks, strikes and escaping from holds and locks; individuals should fight back and attempt escape
• (U) Ambushes can be laid for police if the opportunity arises; assailants can hide behind a corner, vehicle, in a building entrance, roof-top, overhanging bridge, etc.


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9 comments for “(U//FOUO/LES) Los Angeles Fusion Center: Methods to Defeat Law Enforcement Crowd Control

  1. z
    December 16, 2011 at 7:00 am

    1%#1: Darn it, those occupiers just aren’t fighting back, makes us look like bullies!
    1%#2: Let’s try leaking some skilz and see if they take the bait.

  2. rufus13
    January 27, 2012 at 8:38 am

    South American and Red Chinese anti-riot squads know how to handle large groups misbehaving: line up about 10 buddy teams with PK LMG’s and hit the crowd for a belt each. Reload, pause. It’s over.

    This is called war. Expect current police state frustration to rapidly lead down this path.


  3. ros
    October 10, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    rufus13 if they start shooting the plebbs in the united states it will lead to more of them. eventually they won’t have enough plebbs left to run their fucking factories and their ability to pay the police will run out.

    I’m sorry. There’s no way the global elites can win this. and it’s been hapepning in greece and spain for long enough if that was going to happen it would have. the truth is for every dolllar the imf gets 10 or 15 dollars in damages are hurled back at it

    With Catalona considering succession the whole idea that the IMF is ever going to get it’s money back is increasingly turning into a joke and yet they keep trying. Europe needs to force it’s central bank to GRANT the public. IF by gunpoint then by gunpoint. .. GRANT them the money to pay the IMF and then institute works progress administrations and public spending-it’s the only path forward

    the IMF and these lenders of last resort can count on not ever being repaid. The only path forward to avoid being hung in the streets when they can’t afford the police anymore is to forgive the debt. That’s the truth. I’m not making threats because i’m the one that’s going to hang them. I’m not. I don’t want any part of it. I’m just not blind. I can see how this is going.

    every country in the world is forking MASSIVE debts right now and the illusion that it was social services that did it has worn off for many of us. It’s primarily banker and elites being completely irresponsible and most of us know this.

    Shooting people to kill them in protest will spark something. You think that the people will back down but so many of us are now pushed so heavily into the wall at this point that beyond that fear there’s a fear that we won’t be able to survive if we DON’T take out our elites, at the interseciton of those two many are now willing to DIE to end the capitalist structure because it’s a slow painful death or a quick one: you decide. The crackdowns are starting to get painful and eventually the riots will be in every single country on the planet, including the good old usa. The moment cops start killnig people rather than a demoralized and frightened public they can expect shit to get even worse. Suddenly we’ll realize the only way to really effectively deal with these assholes is to start costing them so much fucking money they can’t afford to pay the police afte awhile and we’ll start destroying properties until it’s over and their “elite platoons” can’t shield them anymore. At which poiint the people will hang them in the streets.

    the point is damage to property is going to be done over and over and over again until the loss of assets is so extreme the elites will have to move off planet to escape us-at which point we’ll have won.

    • January 5, 2013 at 1:37 pm

      The Game is NOT about Money.

      They print the money.

      This is about Global Domination via Wicked Controls.

      Would be nice if life was just a big, fun, exhilerating protest.

      Very few will actually go to war and fight well.

      Most Americans are just too out of shape.

      The Truth.

  4. ros
    October 10, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    they need plebbs to run their mcdonalds and their supply lines. when that starts falling apart it’s over. There won’t be enough people manning the wheels and they won’t be able to afford the protection anymore

    It’s really simple: The people that are rioting will NEVER support ANY capitalist model. It’s the people who will control the means of production or NO ONE. They’re rejected NOT the messenger but the ENTIRE MODEL. Que Se Veyan Todos! we don’t want a fucking hero or a leader!

    Worker’s self management is going to become GLOBALLY insurrectonal and the truth is there’s no stopping it…. All you can do is save your own ass and forgive the debts.

  5. Anon
    October 21, 2012 at 8:40 am

    I actually have a copy of this manual and I think I should make copies of it to leave laying around for activists to use.

  6. Todd Wiseman
    October 29, 2012 at 1:57 am

    i’ve heard the rumors that some students at berkeley possess anti – tank weaponry

  7. January 5, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    If you are using an ATW then you need rifles, as well.

    That would be a war act, big time.

    I hope nobody pulls a rocket at a protest.

  8. friend
    March 24, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Dont forget where the head goes the body will follow. Riot helmets straped on, grab helmet twist and throw to ground what is attached to.

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