Intelligence Fusion Centers

(U//FOUO/LES) Maryland Fusion Center Incendiary Device Warning

The Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (MCAC) reports two potential incendiary devices have activated at state government buildings in Annapolis and Hanover, MD. The first device activated in the Jeffery Building’s mailroom at 16 Francis St, Annapolis; which hosts the offices of the Maryland Secretary of State and the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security. The second device activated at Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) headquarters in Hanover, MD.

(U//FOUO) Colorado Information Analysis Center Fake Health Inspectors Warning

On 29 October the Colorado Information Analysis Center received notification from Tri-County Health Department regarding several instances of an individual posing as a health inspector. An individual posing as a “Health Department” inspector has called businesses in Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, and Larimer counties to set up a meeting to inspect their facilities. However, once scheduled the individual does not show up. The CIAC is aware of similar incidents in Orange County, CA in June 2010. Although Orange County does not use the 760 area code seen in the above incidents, it is possible that these similar reports indicate a trend that crosses state lines. The “inspectors” in Orange County used the same MO as in the Colorado cases. In other states, these types of imposters have extorted money from food facility operators, although this type of activity has not been reported in Colorado.

(U//FOUO) Attempted VBIED Attack at Maryland Military Recruitment Center

On 8 December 2010, 21 year old Antonio Martinez [aka Muhammad Hussain], a recent convert to radical Islam, was arrested after he attempted to blow up a military recruiting center in Catonsville, Maryland, using what he believed was a vehicle borne improvised explosive device [VBIED]. According to the criminal complaint, Martinez came to the attention of the FBI after a confidential source informed them of the following statement he had made on his Facebook page, “Any 1 who ALLAH and HIS Prophet PEACE .Be.Upon. Him I hate u with all of my heart”.

(U//FOUO) Colorado Information Analysis Center Smartphone Security Bulletin

Smartphones feature an diverse array of computer capabilities which expose them to many of the vulnerabilities previously confined to computers. These threats have evolved from targeting personal computers (PCs) to hitting smartphones much quicker than some security experts anticipated. It took almost fifteen years for these types of attacks to evolve for PCs, but these attacks have been adapted for smartphones much more quickly. The malicious software (malware) currently targeting smartphones attempts to gather personal information stored on the phone and sell it. Since users often store more of this type of information on smartphones than PCs, in some cases it has become more profitable for hackers to create malware for smartphones than PCs.

(SBU) Central Florida Intelligence Exchange Domestic Security Intelligence Report August 2010

On 13-15 August 2010, the Campaign for Liberty will be holding their second annual Florida Liberty Summit at the Rosen Center Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The Campaign for Liberty is a political organization founded by Congressman Ron Raul. The website for the event states it is a way for “liberty minded activists…to network, learn, and build as our grassroots Revolution to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution”. During the 2009 Florida Liberty Summit the start of the program had to be postponed for 30 minutes due to International Drive being backed up with attendees attempting to park. Based on the groups calculations, there was around 1500 people in attendance. Although the attendance numbers on the group sites promoting this year’s event are low, the continued support of Ron Paul and his party may produce similar attendance numbers and issues to that of the 2009 event.

(U//FOUO) Central Florida Intelligence Exchange Gaza Flotilla Protest Warning

On May 31, 2010, Israeli soldiers boarded six humanitarian aid ships that were headed towards the Gaza Strip, carrying thousands of tons of supplies as well as hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists. The convoy, which was organized by the ‘Free Gaza Movement’, was intercepted by Israeli naval forces while attempting Israel and Gaza Humanitarian Convoy to break the naval blockade off the Gaza Stip. There were more than 10 people killed and several injured, including Israeli soldiers, during this incident. Statements regarding the events have differed greatly. The pro-Palestinian activists are reporting that the Israeli soldiers boarded the ship with no warning and began shooting sleeping civilians as soon as their feet hit the deck. Conversely, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement advising that Israeli naval forces boarded the ships after issuing several warnings that were ignored. Once on the ships, Israeli soldiers were attacked by the activists with live fire as well as other weapons such as knives and clubs.

(U//LES) Central Florida Intelligence Exchange BP Protest Warning

The following scheduled protests are a part of “Seize BP Week of Action”, which are demonstrations that are being held throughout the country between 3 June and 10 June 2010. The purpose of the protests is to convince the United States government to seize BP’s assets and to “ensure justice” for all of the devastation that has been caused in the Gulf of Mexico from the disaster of the Deepwater Horizon.

(U//FOUO) Washington D.C. Fusion Center Alcoholic Energy Drinks Warning

Recently, alcoholic energy drinks have been making national headlines related to multiple hospitalizations for alcohol poisoning among college students. These hospitalizations have resulted in several universities banning the alcoholic energy drinks from campuses. Lawmakers in several states, including New York, have sought to ban the drinks, though no legislation has passed yet. These drinks mix alcohol with caffeine. Alcoholic energy products are marketed to look like energy drinks on grocery shelves, but can pack a real alcoholic punch. Four Loko is a popular brand, but not the only alcoholic energy drink under scrutiny. In the case of Four Loko, the 23.5-ounce drink is 12 percent alcohol and roughly equivalent to drinking five 12-ounce beers. The drink also has about a cup’s worth of coffee, according to the manufacturer. There’s a very common misconception that if you drink caffeine with an alcoholic beverage the stimulant effect of the caffeine counteracts the depressant effect of the alcohol and that is not true.

Washington, D.C. Fusion Center Helium Suicides Warning

The Los Angeles Joint Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (LAJRIC) distributed a public safety bulletin on an emerging suicide method using helium and an “exit hood.” Helium suicides are still relatively rare however, in the last several years, information about the use of helium as a certain, fast, and painless suicide method has spread on the Internet and in various suicide handbooks. First responders have encountered helium suicides and other variations of this suicide method using chemicals which are hazardous to first responders in the District or National Capitol Region. The WRTAC is issuing the below information for situational awareness and investigative purposes only.

(U//FOUO) Florida Fusion Center K2/Spice Warning

K2 or Spice, marketed as “synthetic marijuana,” is an herbal substance being sold legally in the United States as incense labeled “not for human consumption.” The products contain one or more synthetic compounds which interact with the body similarly to the primary psychoactive constituent of delta-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in marijuana. Therefore, the corrupt term of “synthetic marijuana” has been attached to these substances when in fact the correct term should be “synthetic cannabinoids.” A series of synthetic compounds were created in 1995, by Dr. John W. Huffman of Clemson University. One of the more popular compounds created by Dr. Huffman was the JWH series specifically; JWH-018.

(U//FOUO) Michigan Fusion Center: Soldier Uses Military Disguise to Enter Sporting Event

An athletic facility reported an illegal entry incident during a sporting event on 9, October 2010. The subject arrived at the facility in a military Humvee, wearing a full military formal dress uniform, just prior to the start of the event. The subject advised event security personnel that he was there as part of the game day military Honor Guard, and requested to park the Humvee in the secured parking area reserved for police vehicles. The individual was allowed access at several points and subsequently parked the Humvee in the secured lot. The individual exited the vehicle and retrieved two military M-16 rifles with bayonets from the Humvee.

(U//LES) Minnesota Joint Analysis Center Charitable Motorcycle Run Spying Advisory

The South East Minnesota Narcotics and Gang Task Force is requesting information on Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) activity that may have an impact on this year’s Fall Flood Run. The Flood Run ( is a charitable motorcycle run that takes place both in the spring and fall along the St. Croix River and attracts thousands of riders, the majority of which are law-abiding. However, information has been received that this year’s Flood Run on September 18, 2010, is expected to attract an increased number of Hells Angels and Outlaws gang members, which are rival clubs. Both clubs are known to be involved in criminal activities such as assault, narcotics, money laundering, prostitution and thefts and both are also considered to be “at war” with each other.

Oracle Intelligence Fusion Center Technology White Paper

State and local law enforcement agencies are engaged in the day-to-day business of fighting crime and terrorism. A federal government, post event analysis concluded that sufficient information existed such that law enforcement officials could have intercepted the terrorists that flew aircraft into the World Trade Center. This “connecting-the-dots” philosophy relies heavily on real-time information integrated into a single comprehensive 360 view of the environment. The development and funding of intelligence fusion centers is a direct result of a need for better, more integrated information about suspects, locations, and conveyances that may be used in the planning or commission of a crime, including a terrorist act. The concept of the fusion center as an all source production of criminal and intelligence information is a good one. The weakness in the approach is the over reliance upon individuals staffing the fusion centers. In any business, labor costs are one of the biggest burdens to the profitability of the business. While current technology cannot replace the human brains ability for abstract thought and analysis, technology can provide methods and means for the collection, integration, analysis, and dissemination of all source intelligence to enhance fusion center operational efficiencies.

(U//FOUO//LES) Johns Hopkins Hospital Shooting Update

Initial News sources had reported that the Baltimore Police Department had responded to a call for service for a single male shooter at the Johns Hopkins hospital located in Baltimore, MD. Initial reports indicated that a doctor was shot by the unknown suspect and was in critical condition. The suspect suspect was believed to be barricaded on the eighth floor of the Nelson Building on the Johns Hopkins Hospital Campus. There are reports that the shooter could be barricaded in the room with a relative. Baltimore Police Department reports that only certain areas of the hospital campus are cordoned off. Baltimore Police Department officers are on the scene, the suspect is not in custody, and the Baltimore Police is reporting that the situation is contained. The areas of the Hospital not cordoned off are operating normally.

(U//FOUO) New York CrossFIRE Radio Theft Report

Fire Departments in Warren and Washington County have recently reported thefts of communications equipment
• Thefts include portable and mobile radios, along with software capable of programming this equipment.
• Only newer model, VHF radios have been stolen. Low‐band and older model radios (which aren’t capable of narrowband) have been left untouched.
• Of particular concern: programming software has been stolen. This software could potentially be used to reprogram radios with frequencies of law enforcement agencies, Fire and EMS services, and other public and private sector organizations/businesses.

(U//LES) Virginia Fusion Center Mara Salvatrucha 13 Report

Mara Salvatrucha 13, or MS-13, is a transnational, mainly Hispanic, street gang notorious for its adherence to a methodology of extreme violence to enforce fear and establish street credibility. MS-13 diverges from the traditional American street gang model in that it maintains cross border organizational ties, and currently poses a serious threat throughout Central America, Mexico, and Canada, as well as domestically in the United States. In Virginia, the influx of Salvadoran immigrants to the Washington. DC metro area has created the second domestic center for the gang’s American presence. Membership has been documented across the National Capitol Region and in central Virginia, making it the major gang threat to Northern Virginia and a major concern for the Commonwealth as a whole. Demographic change in the Commonwealth, combined with the potential expansion of MS-13 membership to non-Hispanic individuals, constitutes a serious potential threat to public safety.

(U//LES) New Jersey ROIC: Soda Bottle Bombs Warning

The NJ ROIC has been monitoring two incidents involving reactionary devices on this date, 06/27/10, one that occurred at 0100 Hours in Lakewood Twp., Ocean Co., and another that occurred at 1145 Hours in Neptune Twp., Monmouth Co. Both incidents involved reactionary devices that are being described as soda bottles (12 oz. to 2 liters) containing a strong acid or base, aluminum foil inside the container, and tape securing the bottle cap. The substances inside these bottles create a chemical reaction, which results in pressure building in the bottle. Eventually, these containers explode creating a risk to law enforcement officers and first responders. First responders should keep a distance of at least 100 feet from any of these devices as a precautionary measure.