Department of Homeland Security

Regional Organized Crime Information Center Jamaat ul-Fuqra Report

Over the past two decades, a terrorist group known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra, or “Community of the Impoverished,” has been linked to multiple murders, bombings, and various other felonies throughout the United States and Canada. In 1980, a Pakistani cleric named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani began preaching against Western culture at a Muslim mosque in Brooklyn, NY. He promoted Islam as the path to a better life and called for fighters to join his holy war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Regional Organized Crime Information Center Terrorist Indicators Guide

ANALYSIS of terrorist preparations for past attacks overseas and in the United States suggests that preoperational indicators may be present in the days or weeks prior to an attack. Indicators may point to possible terrorist planning. Alone, an indicator can result from legitimate commercial activity or criminal activity not related to terrorism; however, multiple indicators can suggest a terrorist threat.

(U//FOUO//LES) TSA 2006 Terrorist Threat to U.S. Highway System

(U//FOUO) Threats to the U.S. highway system (including tunnels, bridges, long-haul buses, school buses, and commercial trucks) emanate from transnational and domestic terrorist organizations, as well as from insiders and special interest groups. However, the primary threat stems from al-Qa’ida, its affiliates, and other Sunni Muslim extremists, whether foreign or domestic. No reporting indicates a current, credible, and specific terrorist threat to U.S. highway interests. However, since 1993 at least three terrorist plots to bomb tunnels and bridges in the United States have been disrupted, aborted, or abandoned. Further, recurring suspicious incidents involving U.S. highway infrastructure and assets could reflect pre-operational terrorist planning. Thus far, however, no definitive link has been established between any of the suspicious incidents and terrorism.

Virginia Fusion Center Educational Facilities Threat Assessment

The purpose of this Threat Assessment is to convey potential threats to educational facilities and related assets in the Commonwealth of Virginia in order to prevent terrorist and insider attacks as well as to increase awareness regarding available threat information. It is anticipated that this assessment will assist homeland security personnel in understanding the potential vulnerabilities to public and private schools, colleges, and universities in order to further assist in responding effectively to an educational facility-related incident. This assessment describes insider threats as well as those posed by domestic extremist and international terrorist groups.

(U//FOUO) DHS/DOJ Fusion Process Analytic Skills & Knowledge Review

To facilitate the development of a nationwide, integrated, inter-connected fusion center capability, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) National Preparedness Directorate (NPD) and the Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) and the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) have partnered to develop and deploy the Fusion Process Technical Assistance Program. This program has been developed in coordination with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI); the Office of the Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE); the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); and experts from the State and local community—including the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global), the Criminal
Intelligence Coordinating Council (CICC), and the Global Intelligence Working Group (GIWG).

TSA Swiss-Made Miniature Gun Warning

The ATF has issued an officer safety advisory on what is called the world’s smallest gun after a CBS 2 inquiry. The Alert has been issued both in the New York and nationally to all Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives criminal investigators and will be passed on to other federal agencies. The ATF has confiscated thousands of disguised or miniature guns from flashlights that shoot a .25 caliber bullet to pen guns. The latest miniature gun that is alarming the ATF community is the Swiss MiniGun.

Gulf Coast Drug Trafficking Brief: Strawberry Methamphetamine

A new kind of methamphetamine that has a strawberry flavor and bright pink coloring was seized for the first time in Carson City, Nevada during a search of an apartment on January 27, 2007. Flavored methamphetamine is the newest metamorphosis of the dangerous street drug. It appears that the flavor and color were added to the meth during the cooking process, instead of afterward, which would mean the drug does not have any less potency than its common counterpart. The colored and flavored methamphetamine, known as “Strawberry Quick” in the Sacramento, California area and now in Carson City, is popular among new users who snort it because the flavoring can cut down on the taste.

KCTEW Bulletin: (U//FOUO) Hydrogen Sulfide Suicides

Hydrogen sulfide is considered a broad spectrum poison, meaning ‐ that it can poison several different systems in the body, although the nervous system is most affected. The toxicity of H2S is comparable with that of hydrogen cyanide. It forms a complex bond with iron in the mitochondrial cytochrome enzymes, thereby blocking oxygen from binding and stopping cellular respiration.

LA-RTTAC (U//FOUO) Hazards Posed to First Responders by Hydrogen Sulfide Suicides

(U//FOUO) Suicides involving hydrogen sulfide gas are increasing. Incidents have been reported in the Joint Regional Intelligence Center area of responsibility (JRIC AoR), most recently in Castaic, California on 23 February 2010. First responders should be aware of the indicators of hydrogen sulfide suicides, and should follow their agencies’ response and personal protection procedures to mitigate risk.

(U//FOUO) Hydrogen Sulfide: A Potential First Responder Hazard

(U//FOUO) DHS/Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) and the Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) assess that an intentional release of hydrogen sulfide gas most likely would be by a person using it to commit suicide, thus not exposing large numbers of people. The gas is, however, highly toxic and easy to produce from commonly available materials—properties that could make it attractive for use in a terrorist attack. DHS/I&A and JRIC have no information that terrorists are planning an attack in the United States using hydrogen sulfide gas.

(U//FOUO) FBI-DHS Sovereign Citizen Group Calls for Removal of U.S. Governors

(U//FOUO) According to recent FBI reporting, an identified sovereign citizen extremist group is advocating a plan to remove state governors from office. This organization authored a “Restore America Plan” that consists of a multi-step process beginning with notices issued to state governors demanding they vacate their positions within three days. As of 31 March, over 30 governors have received such notices. The plan calls for the removal of any governor who fails to comply. DHS has no specific information that this removal refers to a specific plan to use violence; however, law enforcement should be aware that this could be interpreted as a justification for violence or other criminal actions. According to the group’s plan, other steps involve establishing bogus courts, calling of “de jure” grand juries, and issuing so-called “legal orders” to gain control of the state. The plan notes that this call to action depends on the participation of identified sovereign citizens or other unidentified violent antigovernment extremists whose cooperation is not assured.

(U//FOUO) DHS Moscow Metro Bombings Snapshot

Bombings(U) Moscow, Russia –Two female suicide bombers detonated explosives in Moscow’s subway system.

(U) Facts:
–(U) Two unidentified female suicide bombers detonated explosives in Moscow’s subway system
–(U) Explosions occurred on 29 March at Lubyanka and Park Kultury train stations in downtown Moscow at approximately 0800 and 0845 local Moscow time (2400 & 0045 EDT)
–(U) Preliminary reports indicate 37 killed, 102 injured
–(U) Russian media reports that an unexploded suicide belt was discovered at Park Kultury Station(U) No group has claimed responsibility at this time. However, Doku Umarov, a self-proclaimed Chechen militant leader, posted an Internet video warning of potential attacks in Russia in February.

Northern California Regional Intelligence Center High School Pipe Bomb Warning

(U//LES) On 24 August 2009, 17 year old Alex Youshock walked into the Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, California with 10 homemade pipe bombs and one chainsaw. San Mateo Police Department (SMPD) responded to the scene and detained the suspect who is currently cooperating with law enforcement. 2 pipe bombs did detonate without injuring anyone and the remaining 8 were successfully diffused by San Mateo Sheriff’s Bomb Squad.